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2021-09-01 19:02:46 Photography

In the evening , A man went to Xincheng Park . Deep in the park, under the bushes on the side of the path , See a plant creeping on the ground .

Tianya photography

Its stem is a bit like the ground grabbing seedling seen in the field before , Just a little weaker , Completely on the ground , There are roots on every stem node , Also grow small branches , The branches are upright , The leaves are not big , Long oval , Not very smooth . From bottom to top , One on the left, one on the right , The leaves seem to stick to the branches .

Tianya photography

Its flowers grow in the upper part of the branches, where the leaves and branches connect , The pedicel is very thin , The flowers are not big , The Corolla is light taro purple , Pink to white blend gradient . Interestingly, its five petals grow on the same half , The petals on both sides are almost in a straight line , Symmetry is independent , Like five fingers stretched out , There is a vertical line in the middle of each petal . The other half , No petals .

Tianya photography

Took pictures and searched , Its name is Lobelia , It is a medicinal plant distributed in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River , Maybe it was mixed with other green seeds that came here ?

I was amazed by it , I took some pictures , He also wrote a short poem to commemorate , I hope to see it again next year .

《 eight-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme · Lobelia chinensis 》

Everything in life is difficult to achieve , Light and shade change for an instant .

Half joy and half sorrow produce all kinds of States , Half empty, half connected .

Tianya photography

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