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Flowers and butterflies

2021-09-01 19:11:04 Photography


        Early autumn evening , More and more people are walking in the park . The surrounding trees began to grow deep , The flowers are getting richer . A few branches in the Bush shaking with the wind , The little pink flowers hanging on it attracted me . Think of little flowers blooming here every year , I often walk past it , But never cared , The eye always pursues those flowers that are blooming brightly . It seems that the world is really what Rodin said “ Life is not without beauty , But the lack of a pair of eyes to find beauty ”.

        What a beautiful little flower , I checked and found out that it was called Lespedeza , I don't know who named it , It feels like a snub to handsome flowers . Perhaps the person who named it only paid attention to the pharmacological effects of its branches , And completely ignore the existence of florets , I didn't expect it to have a beautiful moment . But this humble flower has amazing flower language :“ Eternal love ”, In ancient times, beautiful men and women would put it on their heads as decoration .

        Pink flowers , In the early autumn sun , In the cool breeze , With shy tenderness, she looks so charming . A white butterfly danced around it , Flowers hold butterflies, butterflies chase flowers , You come and I'll go, will you . That waving and chopping continuous affection , It has become a romance between butterflies and flowers .

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