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2021-09-01 19:16:41 Photography

The net of justice is great , arms .

A dancer on the tip of a knife , Criminal defense lawyer .

After days of investigation , The pulse of legal affairs events is clear , The attitude of the personnel involved is softened , The chain of evidence is basically formed , It's the critical moment to close the network .

French Open

French Open , Public security, procuratorial and judicial departments and other political and legal organs , And law firm lawyers , It constitutes a legal professional community , Form a dense legal net . Mobile monitoring DNA, The third board axe of criminal law .

Take a chance , Misfortune is inevitable . Ubiquitous monitoring facilities and real-time performance of the information society , Everyone runs naked in the sun , Crimes can't escape the law .

French Open

For a few days , Binge-watching 《 Black storm 》, The contest between justice and evil , Black and evil , Action thunder , Break the net and take an umbrella , Dig out the behind the scenes , Give the people a clear sky .

French Open

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