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Some heartbreaking truths on the way to writing

2021-09-01 19:35:01 Life journey

Last night I published an article reading 《 Fan Yusu's dream 》 Feeling , I share the article in several groups , They also made headlines and Baijia numbers , Also got a good amount of reading , Everyone has different views and ideas .

In my article, I also express that whether I choose traditional literature or new media literature , It can quickly realize the survival of publishing , Still want to take the long-term line of serious literature , It mainly depends on how individuals decide .

The message I received

“ I think the main problem with fan Yusu is that she doesn't have a lot of literary works in stock , With only one article . If she can continue to produce excellent works in the future , She will still have a chance to realize her work . I think she's lucky to have a chance to attract attention .”

“ Bai Yansong once said , The foundation is not solid , The earth trembled and the mountains swayed . There is a material basis , To better enjoy the spiritual foundation . If fan Yusu's writing can be realized , Writing will be easier . Of course, we also respect her desire to pursue pure literature .”

“ Mr. Qi's feelings , Pertinent and objective , Sober and rational . Especially the last paragraph , Reflect the compassion of peers , Literature can do this , Very human can reach . There is a saying , There are several important opportunities in everyone's life , If you catch , You can fly to the sky . When we are all sorry for fan Yusu 、 Even regret , And don't forget , The road of literature is to pursue dreams , Some people are famous for 、 Make money for fun ; There are also people who are happy to write their own satisfactory works . For a variety of reasons , To highlight the charm of literature . Pursue ideal or choose reality , It doesn't matter right or wrong , In Maugham's words :“ There are sixpence all over the floor , He saw the moon ”.”

“ No matter what form it takes to cross the hierarchy , It's even harder now .”

“ Lament , The experience of countless people with literary dreams in the past has proved time and again , Pure literary dream without material foundation , Most of the time it's a chicken feather .”

Chat with everyone in the group :

If 2017 In, fan Yusu seized the opportunity to operate , She has long been able to read and write full-time , The quality of life has been greatly improved , The quality and quantity of works will improve , Forming a virtuous circle . Write for yourself , It is difficult to write good works without looking at the market .

Others say , Maybe fan Yusu thought “ A demoiselle for life ”, I don't care about any fame and wealth .

“ Kafka, that's a real life , It's written , It just doesn't come out , Say after death , A fire burns down . Want name , I want profit again , And want recognition , But refused to bow to the market , Life would have been in trouble ……”

Many authors say , I just want to write with peace of mind , When it's finished, the publishing house will come to me , How naive and romantic this idea is ! How good is your writing ? One in a hundred thousand , Or one in a million ?

My official account at the public address of Lian Yue saw readers and his message saying he wanted to become a public figure. 《 Harry Potter 》 author , jack . Rowling can make a lot of money by publishing a book like that , Teacher Lian Yue replied to him , It's always good to keep writing and reading , But you may not make as much money as Rowling , Most authors find it difficult to replicate this success .

All the people in the world are for profit , All the hustle and bustle are for profit . But we Chinese like to live with masks , Most people are unwilling to admit that they want fame and wealth . But some article titles talk about how to make money , Reading is high immediately , This already represents public preference .

Some people say I just write , I don't want to , Just write happily and have fun , This is a good state of mind .

I said in my article that fan Yusu may be trying to please himself , Another friend said she was not necessarily trying to please herself , She just can't write popular articles in the market .

Others in the group said , Isn't traditional literature for fame and profit ? Traditional literature is more difficult , They are supported by the State Revenue appropriation , They don't have to consider the market . Those who can submit the manuscript are all internal acquaintances , It's hard for outsiders to write easily , The new author suggests contributing from the current municipal journal , If you want to take the traditional route .

Many netizens consulted me , I heard someone say it's better to go traditional literature . I reply , It depends on your choice , what do you like , What do you want? . There is no good or bad .

You'd better see that he is busy doing traffic , Or are you studying traditional literature , How did he grow up step by step , Don't look at what a person says, but what he is doing . Don't look at the surface , Auditory surface , But the underlying logic behind the study .

What teacher Hong said :“ Many people write their own articles for fun , Don't look at the market , May not be able to write any good works , I really thought I could grind a sword in ten years ! Finally, I'm afraid it's lonely .”

In the period of the Republic of China , All the literati can be said to be the rich second generation and the official second generation , It's hard for ordinary people's literature lovers to emerge .

Over the years, the Internet has made the world flat , The emergence of we media weakens the monopoly of resource information , It can make ordinary people speak to the world , Be seen , There is even a chance to overtake on curves . and In the past, media resources were in the hands of a few people .

If in the era of traditional paper media , It must be difficult for grassroots writers like me to publish books , Join the Provincial Writers' Association , China Network Writers Association , Realize the dream of freedom .

Traditional publications , They can't finish sending out the manuscripts of their acquaintances , Where can we get our newcomers , You can only take a detour from behind through the network , This is the wisest way .

I recently read what Fang Fang wrote again 《 Vivid love 》 This realistic novel , I like one of them very much “ An era has a definite number of times , One generation has its destiny . Times and people , They appreciate each other , No, that's enough ?”

Don't screw with the times , But to cooperate with the times , For those routes .

A few years ago , Lei Haiwei, a popular takeout from the poetry Conference , A delivery man in the wind and rain , Take out a small book to recite poems after delivering meals every day , What a valuable quality .

His years of hobbies finally made him , Changed his fate for the rest of his life . After Lei Hai became famous , Many companies extended an olive branch to him , A company pays millions a year , Finally, Lei Hai chose an educational institution in Sichuan to compile poems , Annual salary 30 ten thousand . Millions will certainly bear the corresponding pressure , So everyone's choice is the most appropriate way after weighing .

2016 year , Thumb writer Ma Huijuan, who has been writing essays in buckle space with her mobile phone for many years after doing rough work , Reported and interviewed by many media , On the 《 Super Orator 》 The stage of , Go to Lu Xun Literature College for further study , Deputies to the National People's Congress twice in a row , She was a village woman who worked in the fields , To become a national celebrity , Working in the town cultural center , She takes “ written words ” This bar pried the legendary gate , Life has become the envy of many people , Become the light in the eyes of many people .

Ma Huijuan became a member of the Chinese Writers Association last year , His novels are supported by the state . She is undoubtedly a lucky person , Seize the opportunity in time . She is 80 Ethnic minorities after .

Hubei poet Yu Xiuhua , Because she followed 2012 He has been writing poetry on microblog in ,2014 By the 《 Poetry magazine 》 Editor Liu Nian found , Become Yu Xiuhua's Bole , Because of her own story , legendary , Topical , And the boost of we media platform , She's on 《 Reader 》 platform , Made a documentary feature film , She became a well-known poet , Yu Xiuhua became one of the few poets who could write with royalties .( It is said that only Chinese poets can get royalties and publish books 5 about )

The above are the grass roots at the bottom, who have changed their fate , Are inseparable from the network and media communication . They are all beneficiaries of the network platform .

Human destiny 7 There will be an opportunity every year . The first three times were too young to catch , The back is too old to grasp , Then there are only four chances in the middle , Due to different cognitive abilities , Even if you can seize one of these opportunities , It can also change fate .

The world is sober , On the way of pursuing dreams , We make a living and seek love . Don't be a romantic , idealist .

As an ordinary person , Writing through the Internet , Through new media , This is the best way to realize the book dream and realize it quickly . The so-called fate is the result of the joint efforts of good thinking mode and behavior mode .

Mutual encouragement !

Writing is getting poorer ? read 《 Fan Yusu's dream 》

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