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One week's insight (2): how are you feeling recently?

2021-09-01 19:35:06 Life journey

What I saw in a week , The harvest is not shallow , Think of the day , Wish to change .

Intellectual interest

Get along with people , Don't be too hot , Just have fun . Too enthusiastic , Will squeeze each other's private space , Will be tired , And knowledge is a rare sense of propriety . Advance and retreat appropriately , Enough is enough . You can take the initiative , But there should be a degree , Your time is not so cheap .

For you

When you find someone , He can understand everything you say , Communication is smooth , You also enjoyed the process , Seems to have found a life partner and soulmate.99% The possibility is to meet someone with higher EQ than you , It's compatible with you .

Think carefully , I don't know if it's lucky , Still miserable .

No way to heaven , Don't take the first step

This is what Luo Pang said on the fifth anniversary of his acquisition , impressive . The general idea is that before we do something , We should clearly see the picture of the end of this matter , We know very clearly what we want to do in the end . Specific goals , Even slowly , The direction can't be wrong .

If you decide to do something big , If you don't have the final picture in your brain , Then don't take this first step .

The airport witnessed more sincere kisses than the wedding scene ,

The walls of the hospital listened to more sincere prayers than the Church .

When you see this sentence , Something touched inside , But I don't know how to express . In fact, there are two opposite scenes , It's emotional expression in different scenes .

Wedding kiss , It's the action after hearing the host tell you to kiss ; And kiss goodbye when leaving at the airport , It's nostalgia for each other's true feelings . The wedding scene and church may be biased towards process and form , Instead, in the scenes of the airport and the hospital , Emotions get a real show , It's sincerity , And the most moving .

Accept your own ordinary , Then go all out to be outstanding .

Many of us are ordinary people , Some people don't know , Overconfidence ; And some people look down on themselves , Excessive inferiority ; As an ordinary person , Recognize the reality , Accept the facts , Be counted , Then go all out to change what you can change , Be an outstanding person , That's what we should be .

Why do you understand all the truth but still have a bad life ?

“ Why do you understand all the truth but still have a bad life ? Because every day you live , It's better to do a good job than to understand a hundred principles . Completing a thing itself , It contains the power of achievement .”——《 The past by the trough 》

Friends often say “ Don't look at what he says , It depends on what he does , He may not believe his mouth ”.

This is an era of information explosion , Everyone can tell a lot of truth with one mouth , In educating others , What we do is become more and more skilled , But few people really act and practice . As long as you are more willing to act than others , To practice , You will be better than others , Greater probability of success .

Chicken soup

Some people can't tell chicken soup from non chicken soup , When you hear a very reasonable sentence , Their brains automatically defined it as chicken soup , You ask him why , There is no clear reason . As for whether they are lazy , Avoiding deep thinking and change , I don't know .

Erudite people once defined , They say “ Chicken soup is not falsifiable , Non chicken soup is falsifiable ”. That is to say , If there is no scientific proof for what you said , This is chicken soup , If we can prove it scientifically , It's non chicken soup .

My definition of chicken soup and non chicken soup is very simple , It is this sentence that has had an impact and change on my cognition , Or whether it has helped me in my future words and deeds . If there is change or help , I wouldn't think it was chicken soup , On the contrary, it is chicken soup , At least for the time being, it's chicken soup ;

See some good sentences next time , Don't rush to label chicken soup yet , First think about whether these words have any substantive help and change for yourself .

What I saw in a week , Have gain , I wish good !

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