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The governor of Guangdong and Guangxi is also a chess piece

2021-09-01 19:35:11 Life journey

Keep walking , Continue to listen to Xiong Zhaozheng 《 Zhang Juzheng 》. Listen to Gao Gong Gao Ge Lao he, executive vice minister of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee “ Da Pao Wei ” Comrade Wei Xuezeng talked about his relationship with Zhang Juzheng .

Gao Gong and Zhang Juzheng were good comrades in arms and brothers . When Gao Gong served as the Imperial College's toast , Zhang Juzheng was promoted from the Imperial Academy to the Department of Imperial College , Be Lao Gao's assistant . At that time, the traitor Yan Song served as the first assistant , Both of them are very dissatisfied with Lao Yan , They all have the ambition to kill and assist the State , He soon became a close friend, comrade and comrade in arms . Later, they joined the cabinet one after another , At first, Zhang Juzheng and Lao Gao could still have a heart to heart relationship . In many national affairs , With my old Gao , Cooperate with tacit understanding , A lot of things have been done .

In front of interests , No friends forever , No friends , Domineering Lao Gao acts domineering , Many things often make their own decisions , Ignore the existence of Zhang Juzheng ; Zhang Juzheng has Zhang Juzheng's ambition , I will never be willing to live under others for a long time .

As a secondary assistant, Zhang Juzheng , I know where I am , I have some things , He put forward his own ideas , But what Lao Gao insisted on , He never has a hard top , Overbearing and unreasonable to Lao Gao , His attitude is to endure silently .

Leadership is not necessarily correct , But the decision is in the hands of leaders . Respect for leadership , Don't make trouble with the leaders , It is also one of the basic principles of the workplace .

Differences over the choice of governor of Guangxi , It's a matter of selecting and employing people by the State , What's more, it's the interest dispute between the two cabinet elders . Li Yan is a disciple of Lao Gao , Yin Zhengmao was the same year as Zhang Juzheng .

Lao Gao began to blindly defend Li Yan , Firmly oppose the use of Yin Zhengmao , Later, Li Yan was suddenly abandoned , Proposed to replace Li Yan with Yin Zhengmao , There are also many articles in it .

In fact, Lao Gao has long seen that Li Yan is a smelly pig farm , Out of selfishness , Not replaced in time . The reason why he suddenly proposed to punish Li Yan , Because his patron, the emperor, suddenly fell ill , Once something happens , Some people will make a big fuss about Li Yan , Lao Gao will fall into passivity and be beaten , Instead of letting others get into trouble , It's better to clean it up first . As for Yin Zhengmao , Lao Gao also moved his mind . Zhang Juzheng recommended him again and again , Lao Gao holds it hard, no need , Someone will say he's blocking the road , Not willing to serve the imperial court . Yin Zhengmao , There are great disputes between the government and the public , Use it or not . Lao Gao used him , One can block the mouth of political enemies , Second, we can see its aftereffect . Yin Zhengmao exterminated the rebels , Lao Gao has a good reputation for knowing people and doing good things ; Yin Zhengmao can't handle it , Just take the opportunity to hit Zhang Juzheng .

Speaking of Yin Zhengmao ,“ Da Pao Wei ” It is said that Gao Ge has taken a dangerous move , Lao Gao said , You actually mean that I took a bad move . Dangerous chess is also good , Smelly chess is also good , It's all chess .

Li Yan, too , Yin Zhengmao is also good , A cadre as big as the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi , It's just pieces on the chessboard of two old cabinet . Career Jianghu , Everyone is playing chess , Everyone is a chess piece .

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