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A bowl of beef

2021-09-01 19:36:07 Photography

Southwest is really a magical place , Every summer to early autumn , It will always be the hot center of the country , It can last for dozens of days without rain , Once you enter the real autumn , It may rain for dozens of days , There was no sun all day . and , Scientists can also give scientific explanations , In summer, it is affected by the subtropical high , The continuous rain is called West China autumn rain , It is as magical as Meiyu in the south of the Yangtze River , It is , It was like this thousands of years ago , Don't you see Li Shangyin wrote in the Tang Dynasty : Bashan night rain rose autumn pool , You asked me if there was any time to return !

The weather has entered the autumn rain season this year , Continuous autumn rain , Start taking seats in the weather forecast for the next few days .

The continuous autumn rain weaves an endless net , It is easy to attract infinite sadness , People who lived in the North , Especially easy to miss the northern autumn in this season , The red leaves and blue sky in Beijing , The wild geese in Inner Mongolia return to the South and the autumn grass is yellow , And here we have only endless rain and everything wet .

Rainy weekend morning , It's good for sleeping in , But I generally don't want to sleep in , Get up early , Pack up , Get out of the door , Find a familiar noodle shop , A bowl of fat sausage noodles , Or a bowl of beef hand copied , It's definitely the right way to open it on an autumn day . Only spicy , To make people dry a little .

I saw in Jane's book yesterday that Jane's friends wrote about all over the country , Chongqing small plane 、 There are all kinds of noodles in Chengdu , But in my opinion , Can't compare with the alkali water surface of Yibin and Luzhou in southern Sichuan , Yibin's burning noodles are unique , Spicy and delicious , The delicate taste is completely different from the noodles in the North , Noodles in the North eat noodles , The noodles in southern Sichuan eat seasoning , The seasoning of burning noodles is very characteristic , It's hard to imitate . Luzhou fried noodles with sauce 、 Beef noodles 、 Bean soup noodles are unique , The thick soup tastes strong , Completely wrap the noodles , Every bite , It's all bright taste .

In language , It is difficult to clearly describe southern Sichuan noodles and Chongqing noodles 、 The difference between Chengdu and Dandan noodles , Luzhou noodle soup is high soup , The toppings are simmered slowly , Noodles are generally made of alkali water with moderate thickness , While maintaining strength , Especially easy to taste , Yibin's burning noodles rely on the credit of chili oil , Infiltrate all the flavors into the slim middle . The noodles in Chengdu are delicious , The strength of Chongqing Xiaomian is Chengdu , It is one level worse than that of Yibin and Luzhou , Just say the biggest difference between the two , in my opinion , The flavor of noodles in Chongqing and Chengdu is floating on the noodles , The flavor of Yibin Luzhou noodles has been sucked into the middle of the noodles , all blend into one harmonious whole .

But don't think I have any home filter , There is no truth , Because I don't like Sichuan noodles , The first time I ate Mongolian noodles and Lanzhou ramen, I felt amazing , I like the feeling of keeping the face fragrant , I never imagined that fresh noodles could be so delicious . To put it bluntly , Sichuan people don't eat noodles , It's seasoning , And the good side of the North , It's noodles , As long as a very simple seasoning can be very good .

So in my hometown, I usually choose a bowl of hand copying as the beginning of the day .

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