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Marry someone who loves you

2021-09-01 19:36:11 Photography

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      Is marriage a blessing or a curse for women , The key depends on who you marry . To be happy in marriage , I'm going to marry someone who loves me , Instead of an arranged marriage , Or a wishful thinking marriage .

      Recently I saw some articles about what marriage brings to women on the Internet , I can't help feeling sad , They listed all the hardships brought by marriage and family , There are countless . However, everything is divided into two , Marriage is not so terrible , So why did we get married ? What are the advantages of marriage ?

        Getting married means going to a strange family , Live a life you're not used to , But you don't think about how much they expect , How many years to wait , Waiting for you to appear ! Your arrival , Will give this once invariable family , Bring vitality , Bring hope , Bring joy ! They will try their best to take care of you , Because you are the lover of their baby son , Because I love my house and my dog , So you are also the baby of the whole family .

      Of course , Marriage and pregnancy will have a heavy physiological reaction , It will destroy the body , however , The arrival of children , Will bring you greater joy and hope , The sense of achievement of being a woman will also come naturally ! Besides, , Body can also be restored through exercise .

      Although I say , Having a child will be a burden on you , But he's also your motivation , He carries your hope , Continue your life , He is the crystallization of your love , He will also bring you happiness , So children are a sweet burden . If it's just two adults , Your life is over , It's all over , Who will continue your incense , Who will accomplish your unfinished business !? Who will carry forward your virtues ? If everyone doesn't have children , Will mankind not perish ?!

    Marriage is not the grave of love , It is the beginning of love !

      Marriage is two people who take care of each other hand in hand to spend a slow life , Life with a partner is not lonely , Not alone , There are many sweets in the taste of life , Difficulties have someone to help , Lonely with someone , You have experienced the ups and downs of life together , Witness the beauty of loving life together , Raising children together , Watching them grow up day by day , He has the shadow of you two , You have a few more concerns and strong love for the world .

    Marry someone who loves you !

    For a long life not alone , To give parents a reason to feel at ease , To make life bloom , result !

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