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Experience a heart between reality and emptiness

2021-09-01 19:40:31 Life journey

A heart , Have to be empty .

If the heart is not modest enough , There must be no room for anything .

If my heart is full , Try to ask , Can accept new ideas 、 New cognition 、 New perspectives , Even to accept new friends ?

The answer is yes .

There is a saying. , How big is the heart , How big is the stage .

This heart , There must be space inside , Empty heart .

A heart , I have to be honest .

If your heart is not full enough , There must be no way to resist the temptation from the outside .

Facing the world , All kinds of temptations , How to stop ?

The system , The rules , Cultivation and so on are external .

The key lies in whether the heart is full , Whether you have your own persistence , Full of dreams 、 Hope to wait for positive energy .

If the heart can't hold those beautiful persistence , necessarily , Leave room for desire .

If so , There's no temptation , They will take the initiative to go to the abyss of desire .

That heart , Is it virtual or real ?

Actually , Both virtual and real need . Or say , Between the real and the virtual , This is mutual connection 、 Mutual transformation .

Virtual space , This is to get more positive energy to enrich yourself .

The state of reality , From the heart that keeps making yourself humble , Will get real harvest .

Virtual and real , Maybe this is the state that a heart should have .

The key lies in , How to choose ?

Of course , What each of us should avoid is , Don't let desire enrich your heart , Don't let the feeling of positive energy become ethereal .

Deficiency and excess , In the middle of one reading !

writing / At the end of Sinology

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