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Go back to your mother's house

2021-09-01 19:43:27 Photography

      the other day , I went back to my mother's house again !

      In fact! , My mother's family without parents is still not as good as before .

      Parents in , Home in . Parents are not here , Home is light . My parents have died for many years , Tell the truth , Hear what my peers or older people call “ parents ” when , My heart will mourn . I envy , Very jealous !

        A lot of times , I will think of my parents .

        For example, when I cook noodles , I think of “ Three minutes ” The story of !

      That was the time I spent cooking noodles for my mother . My mother was at this time , I cooked noodles for her alone on the induction cooker , It usually takes three minutes to cook , Mother once stood behind me , Watch me cook noodles for her , It takes three minutes . She remembered the time . After go home , She cooked noodles herself and remembered these three minutes . And told my nephew “ Your aunt only needs to cook noodles for three minutes !” In fact, she can't use firewood so accurately . I use an induction cooker to time like that .

        Every time you give yourself the following , I felt my mother standing behind me , Watch the time with me .

        Now go back to your mother's house , You don't have to cook for your parents anymore . While they were still alive , Take monthly leave every month , I'll go home and cook for them . Especially helping the father of Alzheimer's cook .

      I also think of my father from time to time . Think of his innocent smiling face . It was his forgetful, childlike smile .

      When he was eighty , I don't know my fourth brother and I anymore , Because we work outside , Seldom go home . His memory goes from good to bad . When it's bad , You don't recognize me at all . I stood in front of him , He would ask me “ Do you know where Lihua has gone ? I haven't seen her for a long time ” This sentence directly blasted me , Tears splashed down , I said I was Lihua . My father laughed himself , say “ I'm old and confused ” That smile , Just like a child . innocent ! This smiling face has been printed in my mind . So beautiful and so painful . I'm my father's favorite man nu , It's also his pride . He can't even recognize women . That's a very painful thing .

      At that time, I wrote in my diary “ The cruelest thing in the world , Nothing is better than forgetting !” Father forgot us . Our names are deep in his memory ; people , But he forgot !

      Although I cherish my parents' time , But it's not enough !

        Come home often , Your regrets will be less !

        Parents have gone , Goodbye to your mother's house , That's not what it used to be , That smell is not the same as before !

        I hope there are old parents “ children ” Enjoy going home , Be a good child !

yesterday , Listen to my friend nagging , Said her old mother in her eighties , It's a little annoying . Forget where you put things , Then I was in a hurry , Often help you find East and West . A friend is the eldest daughter of the family , His father is gone , She takes on more responsibilities at home . The old mother will call her whenever she has something to do . Old man , It's called old and young , It's an elderly child , Toss about , Not inferior to children . She has some complaints , I said, “ It's a happy thing to have your mother torture you , It doesn't matter if it's bitter , People like us who don't have a mother are so envious !”“ This is , There's a mother, there's a place to come !” She said .

        Fei Yuqing just because his mother died , Don't even sing ? The old saying goes “ An old man at home is like a treasure ”, Too right !

      alas , I can't be a child anymore ! My mother's family has no parents !

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