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Love your family, please speak well

2021-09-01 19:45:11 Life journey

【 Qifan Qiwei class 】

In the family , It's important to talk well .

Speak softly in the family , It can ease the warm family atmosphere .

I saw a little video today , A boy came home with a schoolbag on his back , Mother asked : Didn't you go to play with your classmates ? Why did you come back so soon .

The boy replied : My classmates' parents quarreled , I'll be back , How embarrassing it would be ……

The boy asked his mother : Why can you talk so softly with your father ?

Mother replied : When I was at my mother's house , Parents also speak loudly , Always feel upset and uneasy . When I came to your grandmother's house , Only then discovered , It turns out that family can talk like this , You can whisper softly . And found that talking like this , The atmosphere and feeling are very good . therefore , I learned , A good talk , And I know , I want to be such a parent , So that's how you talk to your father . I want to be a role model for you and your brother .

Finally, the mother asked her son to remember these points :

Speak slowly about urgent things ,

The big thing is clear ,

It's easy to say small things ,

Be careful about what you're not sure about ,

Don't talk nonsense about what hasn't happened ,

Happy things also need to see the scene and say .

The boy nodded , Say firmly : Mom , I got it! .

Yes , If you love your family, please learn to speak well ; If you love your family , Please talk well !

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