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A beautiful home in childhood (6)

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“ I bought another steamed stuffed bun ”, When I got to the company in the morning, I sent a message to my daughter-in-law .

“ Why eat steamed stuffed bun again ! Eat every day , Aren't you tired ?” Daughter-in-law make complaints about it .

“ No other breakfast , There is a steamed stuffed bun shop downstairs , I'm going to eat and throw up .” My helpless reply .

Such is the case , I really want to eat the steamed stuffed bun downstairs , But I'm so hungry without breakfast , So I eat every time I make complaints about it .

But when I was young , It's good to have breakfast .

I can hardly remember anything before the third grade of primary school , About fourth and fifth grade , At the beginning of each semester, my parents will buy us a box of instant noodles for breakfast , The name of that instant noodle is Xiong Yiwu , That's the best instant noodles I've ever had .

Every morning when I go to school , My mother will put a bag of Xiong Yiwu in everyone's schoolbag for me and my brother . The students around me basically have instant noodles for breakfast , Others eat steamed bread at home .

Go to school first , The sound of wulala suddenly made the originally quiet school lively . Wait until you finish reading , Here comes our happy time , That's breakfast —— instant noodles .

As soon as the teacher leaves , The students took out their own instant noodles . Some people crush instant noodles first and then open them , Some people take it apart and crush it , But there is a common action , That is to put the seasoning bag .

I don't know why , I still feel , Xiong Yiwu's seasoning bag is also the best to eat . Each bag of instant noodles has a bag of seasoning , And each seasoning bag will not be finished every time , It will be hot and salty after playing ( It can't be ruled out that some secondary two students have done this ), So generally, several of our students will share a seasoning bag , Take the rest home by yourself , You can eat steamed bread .

I still remember a picture , The way a boy in the class eats instant noodles : He held instant noodles in both hands , Instant noodles are not crushed , He rolled up some instant noodle bags , Then eat it in big gulps , The crisp sound is around , The satisfaction and smile on his face linger . I was thinking , If that picture could be preserved at that time , Use it to make Xiong Yiwu's eating and broadcasting picture , Must be able to sell a lot .

I will crush instant noodles first , But it's not pinched into slag , I'll pinch it into small pieces , Then sprinkle the seasoning , Shake the seasoning well by holding the mouth of the bag , Then eat . A small piece of noodles doesn't have to be grasped by hand , On the other hand, such noodles taste more delicious ( Personal feeling ).

At that time, we didn't bring water to school , That's how you eat . Imagine , In a country house , A group of silly little dolls are eating instant noodles , A face of satisfaction , With a smile , Simple and beautiful .

Eat instant noodles at school every day , My brother and I will take the instant noodle bag home and put it away , I don't know why I keep it , Anyway, I think it can always be used , Maybe it's just because the red bag looks good .

The fact proved that , There is no way to go in vain , There is no work done in vain , Then those bags were really used .

When my grandparents moved home from the mountains , The old house , Mainly because grandpa's house is in disrepair , The eaves are always leaking . Dad thought about it , I saw the instant noodle bags we collected , So “ Solicitation ” With them .

Dad stuffed wheat straw into the instant noodle bag , Then tie the pocket tightly , A round windproof and rain proof thing is made . We followed suit for more than thirty , Then plug them into the air leakage of the eaves one by one , The house was suddenly much warmer , My grandparents praised us for our ability .

Now our lives have undergone earth shaking changes , There are many kinds of breakfast , And make complaints about steamed stuffed bun every day , I can only blame myself for being lazy , And the happy time of eating instant noodles when I was a child , I can't find it again , Even Xiong Yiwu instant noodles , It has long disappeared from our lives .

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