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Eat, buy, sleep

2021-09-01 19:49:01 Literary frequency modulation


“ the natural instincts of man , The great desire of man ”, The diet is even ahead of men and women , Its importance is self-evident . Although the original meaning of this sentence is to control these desires , But as long as it's not too much , The satisfaction brought by diet is big and practical . I used to record my favorite foods by category , Turn it over every night , Decide what to eat tomorrow . Now , Every time I have the feeling that the ancient emperor turned over the sign to decide which concubine to sleep with , Very happy .


Shopping is by no means a woman's only hobby , There is no one in the world who doesn't like shopping , The difference is just whether you are willing to spend money or not . There are too many unhappy things in life , And shopping is one of the fastest ways to eliminate trouble —— Quickly , Frivolous happiness . But even Huang Weiwen, a Shopaholic, admits “ It's expensive today, and it's not much ”, Shopping focuses on quality, not quantity , Bought a whole house of flashy sundries , No matter how good the mood is, it will get worse .


“ Don't stay up late —— It will age early !” Who else doesn't know that ? But the joy of staying up late is far more than people can resist . I stayed up late every day for a while , As a result, happiness is not enough , The body protested first . The two eye bags are very thick and dark , The whole person seems to be a ghost and come back . Now I don't know why I'm so sleepy , Then I found that a lot of sleep is also good . Especially on a rainy day , When the curtain is pulled , Hold the doll , Whether it's day or night outside the house , Close your eyes and go to sleep . alas , A pleasant sleep is becoming more and more difficult .

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