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2021-09-01 19:49:04 Literary frequency modulation

Meet familiar people in familiar places , There's nothing important to deal with , therefore , They walked side by side . In a familiar place, they saw different scenery together , therefore , He exclaimed with one voice “ beautiful !” Such an encounter is a little joy in daily life .

Po likes to take a walk where there is water . Po said :“ Water is a mirror , Look at the sky in the mirror , By the way, we can observe people's hearts .” I like to take a walk where there is water . I said, :“ Water as a medium , Connect heaven and earth .” Actually , At the end of the day , Po and I are both emotional people . We often meet by chance , Take pictures when the water is beautiful , Walk fast when it's cloudy and rainy , Enjoy the fun of sports .

This week , I haven't met PO for several days . Because I changed my walking route . I went for a walk where there was no water , because , It's cool in autumn these days , Autumn mosquitoes are very poisonous , I still have mosquito bites on my ankle . Today is the weekend , While I was walking , Po patted me from behind , I was so happy . Po said :“ There are too many mosquitoes near the water these days , So I changed my walking route , I didn't expect you to be .”

The evening wind is a little cool , I suggest running . Jogging in the autumn wind , The body is slightly hot , The mood is slightly sound , Today's little joy starts from changing the route to changing the walking mode .

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