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A child lying in the middle of the road

2021-09-01 19:49:16 Literary frequency modulation

My friend called me yesterday , Ask me to go to his hometown in the countryside . I checked the map , Less than 200 kilometers away , I agree with you. .

I had breakfast this morning , I threw my bag on the car , And set off .

My friend's hometown is deep in the mountains , When I got off the highway, I had to drive 30 kilometers of county road 、 Village Road . I follow the navigation tips , Driving along a county road with only two-way two lanes . What a county road comparable to Yangchang Village Road , I sighed in my heart . Despite the fine weather 、 The sight is clear , I still drive carefully , In a strange rural path , I can't help but be careless .

But I almost ran over a man —— At a downhill bend , There was a man lying in the middle of the road . Fortunately, I found it in time , Take emergency braking , He stopped the car less than twenty centimeters away from the man .

I don't want to get angry , Pull the handbrake , Open the door immediately and jump out of the car , But I saw a child in shabby clothes lying on the road , I grabbed him by the wrist , Picked him up from the ground , Roar :“ Your boy wants to die !”

The child didn't know that it was just a case , Or frightened by my roar , He shivered 、 Mumbled incoherently , I …… I …… I want to die .

I want to die ? I thought I got it wrong , Stunned for two seconds , But I immediately realized my gaffe . I looked around , On the left is the mountain , There are mountains on the right , There is an endless road ahead , There is no way to reach the end in the back , There are no other vehicles and people . I quickly pulled him to the side of the road , I'll restore my mood as soon as possible , Then ask him as softly as possible , Children , I'm sorry just now , Don't be afraid .

after one's words , I turned around and took a can of coke from the car , Pass it to him , His eyes hesitated , Dare not answer . I encouraged him with my eyes , He never dared to answer .

But when I shake my head and smile , He said to me loudly with his hands behind his back : I'm not a child , I have already 15 Year old ! If I don't say it , You must think I only have 10 Year old. ? People in the village say I am “ Old eggplant ”, Say I've always been 10 Age , But I don't quite understand what they say ......

I was called 15 The words of the skinny old child drew out curiosity , He talked to him with questions and answers , Here is his life story ——

My family is in a small village in the mountain , My name is ashuku —— That's what everyone calls me anyway . Don't believe it , I have indeed 15 Year old , But people in the village often poke me on the forehead and say :“ Don't look at you, only 10 year , You're still younger in terms of IQ , Your IQ is only 6 year !” I don't quite understand what is “ Intelligence quotient (IQ) ”, but “6 year ” I still understand . Because I don't understand , I went to ask my aunt , Ma can't answer ; I also asked Abba , Abba impatiently stretched out his foot and kicked me , He scolded me for being stupid with my aunt ; I had to ask grandma , Grandma touched my head and said , Gugu, don't listen to others , You are sure to grow up , It must grow tall . by the way , Grandma is gone , She died last year .

A few years ago , Grandma insisted that I send me to school . But the school doesn't want to take me in , Say I'm over age , So grandma took me to the village committee , And to the town government , I went to a lot of places anyway . Until one day , Grandma patted me on the shoulder and said , Ancient times , You can finally go to school .

I still remember the first day of school , I followed my brother to the school . My brother was in fourth grade , He took me to the door of a classroom , Push me to a female teacher , The female teacher asked me to sit in the last corner of the classroom ……

At that moment, I felt very proud , Because I always saw my brother happily carrying his schoolbag to school , I always secretly think : School should be a happy place ?

But in fact , I'm not happy at school , I can't understand what the teacher said . What's worse is , A group of male students often surround me after class , Pushing and shoving at me 、 Bullshit , That's true. , They're bullying me . My brother told me , If someone bullies me , Just tell him . At first I didn't dare to go to him , I'm afraid I'll get lost when I walk out of the classroom .

once , I was teased by my classmates again , They don't know where to get the nails , Fixed on my stool …… I hurt my egg with a nail , It's bleeding . I really can't stand the pain coming from below , Sneak out the back door to find my brother in class . My brother told me before , He's in grade four 3 class , I suddenly thought of a way —— Look for... Classroom by classroom . Until the teacher came and caught me , She pushed me directly to the headmaster , She said I was not fit to go to school , She said my IQ was not up to standard .

same day , The headmaster took me home on a motorcycle , From now on , As before, I can only wander around the village .

There is a , I chased a beautiful bird , Accidentally bypassed the hill , Found this road , Since then, I have often wandered on this highway . I was beaten many times by my father . I'm afraid he'll hit me , Especially when he drinks , It's heavy . He often beats me , Then scold :“ A good woman , Suddenly become stupid , My son is also stupid …… I owe you in my previous life ?……” I don't understand what Abba means . It's just that every time I get beaten , Ah Ma just hid under the bed ; Where's grandma , She is very light , Despite her hard work, she can't stop the increasingly outrageous Abba .

Maybe , This road is so attractive to me , I wonder where it's going , therefore , Although I know it hurts to be beaten , I still make it again and again .

But , Since that day last summer , I dare not come back to this road , Until today, , For the first time ……

On that day , I'm as usual , Sneak down this road . Somehow grandma found out , She followed . I ran as fast as I could , Grandma can't run me , She can only follow me step by step , She shouted behind me , Go back ! Go back ! Grandma told me a long time ago : Gu Gu, don't run to that road , Those cars are like tigers , They roared and rushed around , It's dangerous ……

On that day , Just trying to get rid of my grandmother , But was killed by a tiger , You see , That's where Grandma was hit , The place where I just lay ——

The child pointed his dirty fingers at the front of my car , He went on :“ Dad beat me again today , He drank a lot of wine , He beat me and said —— You made trouble for me again , It doesn't work at all , Your brother is going out to work to make money . And you? ? Like parasites, you have to keep you old ? Go find your grandmother , Go to …… You useless thing , Like your grandmother , It also gives me a sum of money —— Dad, that's what he said , I feel like he's not my dad , He's more like a madman , Being crazy scares me more than a tiger , Maybe as others say , He has been poisoned by wine …… I really miss grandma ……”

Listen to what the child in front of you said , I was trembling , The heart is also blocked .

writing / Ruo'an mountain

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