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2021-09-01 19:52:55 Photography

Photography : Mohanko ( Beijing China . Senior One students )

Between the eyes , The horizon in the distance of the line of sight surged up with a large amount of high dust , Like countless galloping horses . The sun is like a needle , Stab into the skin .

We all saw .

But five minutes , The horses disappeared , Countless buildings stand , The illusory image of the earth's surface gradually turns into waves , Pushing .

I asked them. : What did you see ?

Like my hometown village .

It's like a city .

It's sea water ……

After half an hour , The same scene as those modernist works of art disappeared , Beyond the horizon is a desert , Like the beach under our feet , No other signs of life , Only we !

Forty years ago , My comrades in arms and I were in the Lop Nur desert , I often watch movies made by nature . Veterans say , Fuck someone , This is the sun drinking water from the desert . The veteran also said : Go over there , Loulan ……

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