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Hold your temper and do things

2021-09-01 20:02:04 Life journey

Reading and thinking are also very tired . The heat of summer and so many books to read broke me .

I have thought several times , What can I do ? Before or now , There are still many things in front of me , It's just hard .

There is not much time left for everyone to grow and progress , I didn't realize the cruelty of time before . My family can't support me in life or work , I realized this a long time ago , When I see that others can get warmth and help from their families , My heart can't stop admiring .

If you can learn more about other people's life stories , Understand how others respond to many things that happen in life , That may help me find the best solution in my life now .

When you see the same conditions , Others do better , Got a better choice , I will reflect on myself , What did you do wrong , Make yourself worse than others .

Hold your temper and do things .

Sometimes very angry , But I still have to hold it in my heart , Their emotions have never been an outlet , The current environment has no nutrients for me , Because there's nowhere to go , Just like this . Or put your own interests at the core .

You have to be cold , To concentrate more on what you do .

I always wonder why others don't like me , I seem to find a lot of answers , But these answers can't be decided at once , I can't be liked , That's the truth , You may still care about others , Care about other people's opinions or comments , But others may scold you behind your back in ugly language . I like to hide myself , So you can pretend you don't hear or know those terrible sounds .

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