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The biggest advantage of newcomers is humility and passion

2021-09-01 20:09:49 Photography

Autumn in the big arbor forest comes later than outside , The more you go in , Instead, the more lush the vegetation is , It's like the green picture rendered by the artist's heroic pen .

The streets in the early morning , Lights continued along the way , The dark sky is very high , Quietly decorated with a few stars who don't want to talk .

It's evening , Arrogant burning clouds swept half the sky , The edge of the flame is still faintly purplish gold , Just falling on the cross of the church in the distance , Like someone deliberately gathered a powerful force , Lit a sharp sword just out of its scabbard .

The biggest advantage of new people is humility and passion , They are like a sponge , Absorb everything quickly , Make yourself fat and big .

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