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Treat diseases correctly

2021-09-01 20:15:53 Life journey

I usually feel in good health , I don't know what's going on recently , The ribs in the chest hurt a little , The pain point is at the junction of the lowest root and soft meat .

First, the left side hurts , Not particularly violent , It's the kind of faint 、 Off and on 、 Like a throbbing pulse .

No lumps , No color change , It doesn't affect daily activities ; I can't tell from the appearance , Even sometimes I forget it .

Usually touch it with your hand , Or deliberately feel it , More and more painful ; Especially lying in bed at night , It almost hurts so much that I can't sleep .

At first , I thought there was something wrong with the internal organs , I can't help thinking too much . Although some ominous thoughts flashed , however , Or persuade yourself to be open , Treat... As correctly as possible .

In order not to worry the family , I didn't say anything ; Also because of the severe epidemic , Otherwise, I'll go to the hospital quietly for examination .

The pain has been getting worse and worse for two days , I pasted it with my lover's common dampness and pain relief ointment . It hasn't improved in a few days , Instead, it sticks to the skin , Don't post it at all , Let it develop .

In this way , Instead, I feel a little relaxed , It's estimated that more than a week later , It doesn't hurt unconsciously .

Strangely enough , While the left side doesn't hurt , The symmetrical place on the right side hurts ; The pain is worse than before , Even the right back hurts .

If the left side continues to hurt , It will certainly give me an illusion : Spread . If you don't say that your mind will completely collapse , There must be a lot of pressure , After all, I haven't lived to the age of average life , A little reluctant .

Old people , Although they have been indifferent to life, age, illness and death , But it's time to leave , Still a little reluctant !

The left side is getting better , Let me make a false alarm , It also calmed me a lot ; Although it hurts more than before , I don't feel fear anymore .

In order to recover as soon as possible , Besides sticking painkillers , I also plucked some fresh dandelions and ate them raw ; When the pain is unbearable at night, sit up and rub it with your hands , Or beat it with a massage hammer , Or read a Book 、 Write to distract your attention .

Although I haven't thought less , But the most thought is why this happens .

Before , I've had turbidity treatment for a while , The masseur has repeatedly rubbed the waist and abdomen ; But there was no pain , It can't be internal injury due to excessive force .

I took it for a few days , The lover's sister sent it to her , Drugs specially used to clean up toxins in the body ; After eating, i.e. diarrhea more often , No other abnormal reactions .

If there is any change , That is, there is less fat on the stomach , A little weight loss , The feeling of fat swelling in the chest is also reduced .

I don't know if it's a coincidence , There is still an inherent inevitability ; Anyway, I think : Turbid discharge 、 Detoxification or degreasing , After all, you have to drop something from your body , It's impossible without a reaction .

Birth, old age, illness and death is a process that everyone has to go through , All accidents are specially arranged by God ; Let nature , Try to keep an optimistic attitude , It helps to improve immunity and repair ability ; Rely more on the self-healing of the human body , Less overtreatment , Maybe it's better for health .

People come into this world , Itself is an accident , Should feel lucky ; If you look back on death , Surely you can go without regrets 、 Natural and unrestrained .

Into old age , The most worthwhile thing to do is , Take care of your body , Spend every day happily , Enjoy a carefree and happy time , Finish the last journey of life without regret !

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