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2021-09-01 20:16:03 Life journey

《 Buddhism and Taoism are like Tao Te Ching 》 I've heard it several times , Listen when you're awake , Often listen and fall asleep . After listening, I forgot , Want to write something , My mind is really empty , The words are flowing outward through the empty brain .《 Buddhism and Taoism are like Tao Te Ching 》 Not stick to 《 Moral by 》 The character phase , Similarly, I don't stick to 《 Buddhism and Taoism are like Tao Te Ching 》 The words of , The key is to grasp and understand the Tao . Before my husband took the book home , I'm sure I've learned , Take the books and audio home , When listening to the teacher's explanation repeatedly , My heart suddenly , Great freedom gushes out , The Dharma of the heart is full of joy all over the body , I don't know what language can describe my state , Yes, it has gone beyond words , I even want to cry , Wail and cry , At the same time, I follow the teacher's song , I think hi song , Enjoy the hi song . I also want to curse , Son of a bitch , Not scolding is not enough to express inner pleasure .

My heart is open , Tao is full of body and mind . My heart is open , Then it melted into the Tao . My heart is open , Into the universe , So don't tangle . What is Tao , In that sense beyond words ; What is empty , It is the true meaning beyond words . I've learned the truth , Words are the embodiment of Tao , Shit is empty, wonderful . Where not , Where did you leave the road . I'm at peace , It's completely peaceful , I am the creation of the Tao , It is also the Tao itself .

I'm not struggling anymore , Everything is the best reality , Everything is also the best arrangement , Tao and I are performing the wonderful of emptiness , I am with the Tao and flow around , neither dying nor being born . wow , There is nothing more powerful than Tao , What is more common than Tao . I feel at ease at home watching my one-year-old child , In him , Feel the baby's weakness , Experience the nothingness of Tao , Experience the miracle of Tao , Experience the power of Tao . I'm completely at peace , Completely willing to keep my duty , Even if I'm an ordinary housewife , However, this ordinary woman is also a great masterpiece .

Habit karma will still run out often , When taking care of children , I can't help looking at my cell phone , Whether someone sent a message , Actually , So far , Few people have contacted me , Wechat is also rare , With the children , Closed in disguise . occasionally , When drawing , Some people in my mother's family will pop out of my mind , When it's serious , Like a runaway Mustang , I'll stop painting , Stand up and walk . Listen continuously 《 Buddhism and Taoism are like Tao Te Ching 》 after , Accidentally touched my heart , Be suddenly enlightened , Be careful when you empty the universe , You can overlook the knowledge and views of these personnel . When you look down , All knowing and seeing are like beings in different forms , Like looking down at ants , Not tangled by the struggle of ants . Therefore, I have deep compassion for all sentient beings , Pity their out of control , Sadly for their confusion . Think back to their words , Have you ever been manipulated , Being manipulated by one's own karma and suffering constantly .

Born to be a bad speaker , After Enlightenment, I don't like words . I prefer to be silent like a big tree , Speechless like a mountain , Sing like the wind , Like a flower, it emits the fragrance of flowers silently . My words , Others don't understand , Boring words , I don't like to say . I'm addicted to painting , Indulge in the days without time and space .

Occasionally, there will be several closest people around to communicate , Through communication , Constantly testing their persistence . Occasionally , Self knowledge will still come out and stir the heart , But I don't trust them anymore . In a dream , Many sentient beings often come to the family , Some clearly came for help . In a dream , There will also be Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to check my heart's lessons . meanwhile , In a dream , Also showing my concern .

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