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Yangpu, Chengyi, a graphic editor, is released for you! The longest city in China

2021-09-01 20:32:12 Photography

China has a vast territory , A large population , In order to adapt to the rapid development of society , Many cities have also been set up . The number of cities in China has already broken through 600 mark , Some of them are historic cities and economically strong cities , For example, Xi'an 、 luoyang 、 Beijing 、 Shanghai, etc . The planning of a city is influenced by many aspects , Among them, geographical factors play a very important role in urban expansion . The city below is located in the northwest of China , But it can only expand things , It can't extend from north to south , So it's also the longest city in China , That's Lanzhou .

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-08-28

Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu Province , It has been the second largest city in the northwest since ancient times . As one of the important central cities in the western region , Lanzhou's strategic position is very important . It is the industrial base and comprehensive transportation hub in Northwest China , It is also one of the five central cities in the Chinese section of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge , It is also an important node city of the Silk Road Economic Belt , It plays an important role in China's economic development . Besides , Lanzhou is also a famous historical and cultural city in China , As early as the Western Han Dynasty , The county government has been set up here , Many historic sites in the city are also the best witness of Lanzhou's history .

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-08-28

Such an important city , But in the process of urban development and planning, it is limited by geographical factors . Lanzhou landform can be roughly divided into six regions , Including the mountains 、 River valley 、 Deserts and plateaus, etc , The overall terrain inclines from southwest to northeast . So since , Lanzhou's urban expansion can only extend to the East and West , That's what makes the City long and narrow . In terms of city scale , The East-West length of Lanzhou is up to 1655 km , Its urban area extends to Honggu District in the West , East to Chengguan District , Up to 100 Many kilometers , The narrowest part is 4 km . In terms of the length of the main urban area alone , Lanzhou is indeed the longest city in China .

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-08-28

Today, with the continuous development of our country , Urban planning is also advancing with the times , Maybe in the near future , Cities longer than Lanzhou will also appear . Lanzhou today , It is the first choice for many people to travel to the West , It has rich natural landscape and long cultural history , It attracts countless tourists every year . I don't know the longest city in the country , Did it get your attention ?

Graphic design / Yang Shuhong

Release time /2021-08-28

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