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Chapter four all she had in mind was making money

2021-09-01 20:35:28 Life journey

《 If redemption has color , It's olive green against the light 》

Chapter four   All she has left in her mind is making money

When Qingcheng can stand up with a crutch , Guiyang's aunt came to pick up qingtuan and Qingcheng .

The Youth League's grandmother and mother died early , Did not suffer from this suffering , Dad and grandpa haven't found .

My aunt told the Youth League , Instead of working in Chengdu , Why don't you stay in Guiyang , We can take care of each other .

Youth League theory , good , But what about Qingcheng , He's going to school , Next year's college entrance examination .

My aunt said , Before the school summer vacation , Ask your aunt and father to run and inquire about the transfer procedures . The town also needs a rest , Just wait 9 Start school in January and go straight to senior three .

Youth League theory , Um. .

My aunt said , Tuan Tuan , You might as well buy a house with the savings left by your father , Write the names of you and the town .

So you can stand in Guiyang , After the small town goes to college, go out to study , Winter vacation and summer vacation , There is also a home to go back to . When it comes to that , My aunt's eyes are red , Reached out and wiped a handful of tears and runny nose .

The Youth League thought for a moment , Ask your aunt , Does my father have enough money for the down payment ?

My aunt said , Your uncle and I will give you some . Said , My aunt's voice choked again .

Youth League theory , mother's youngest sister-aunt , I'll pay the money back when I go to work ......

My aunt interrupted the Youth League , say , No, not yet , Boy , No, not yet . My aunt simply covered her eyes and cried .

Qingcheng's foot injury is not healed , Can't walk freely , For more than a month , I didn't go out much at my aunt's house .

My aunt's cousin is two years younger than Qingcheng , This year's high school entrance examination .

At first , My cousin carefully wants to ask Qingcheng physics questions , Stopped by my aunt , My cousin looked at Qingcheng .

Later, Qingcheng told his aunt , mother's youngest sister-aunt , Don't say little brother , It's a good thing to know that being in a hurry before the high school entrance examination .

Qingcheng asked his cousin Zhao Jun to ask questions he didn't understand , My cousin is relieved .

When Qingcheng can't move , Qingtuan and his aunt bought a second-hand house in Yunyan District .

The house is a small family house with two bedrooms and one living room in Jingyuan community .

The old couple are veteran cadres of the public security department , The house was originally bought for his son's marriage .

Later, my son stayed in Beijing and didn't come back , The old couple sold their house , Collect a down payment for my son's house in Beijing .

Qing Tuan Xiang , It turns out that Beijing is really good . So many people , Abandon the past , Run away .

The Youth League found a job as a high school physics tutor in a chain tutoring company .

In fact, the Youth League got the teacher's professional qualification certificate , But the salary of tutoring institutions is higher , More classes can also get more commission .

She wants to earn money to pay off her mortgage .

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