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Group of poems | plain paper / three poems outside

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writing | The scenery of Crane Lake

Look at the pictures and write poems Angels like

The picture is from the yashtoni poetry society : empty , A plain note


topic : Plain paper

Take a rest when you are tired

There is an empty valley to wash the heart

Inspired by jesuthani

A picture without a picture

There are ethereal Zen words

Put complex ideas

Bleached into a plain paper

Refuse graffiti of any color

Look down on life and clear the past

No more weight and slip

not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses

Buddha said that this is the sublimation of life

The picture is from Yashtuni Poetry Society


topic : Daughter of God

The ancient East

There are two daughters of God

One in the sky

Her name is Chang'e

One is underground

The deep blue sea

The mermaid has been cruising for thousands of years

The Moon Palace is full of broad sleeves

Chang'e is no longer lonely

Great Wall rocket space shuttle

It's a special seat for the goddess to go home

The striver dived into the bottom of the sea

In the deepest part of the earth

Calling her daughter's nickname

Mermaid tears

Turned into a night Pearl

Reflecting the lights on the Shandong ship

The picture is from Yashtuni Poetry Society


** topic : The hometown of wild geese and cranes **

When we get to Beijing, we climb the wall

At the top of Guilin Guanshan Mountain

I went to Suzhou to see the girl

East to the bow

Shengjin Lake is the mother lake of Dongzhi people

Autumn wind ripples , The sun puts the boat

The spirit of the lake is flying on the lake

Geese and cranes gather , Travelers roam

Riding the fog , Sail in the wind

Lakes and mountains , Fish sing in the stream

The migratory belt , A bridge flying across the rainbow

Wild geese and cranes spread their wings , Two banks painted Xinzhou

The picture is from Yashtuni Poetry Society

Its 4

topic : Stars and old trees

The starry sky is boundless

Flashing eternal brilliance

The old tree has towered the branches of the years

A tall and straight body

After the baptism of wind, rain and lightning

It conveys the dialogue between heaven and earth

Without the sun, moon and stars

Darkness is the nature of the earth

Left the guidance of the sun, moon and stars

The rotating earth can't find home

The name of the starry sky is human thought

The name of the old tree is life time

modern poetry , Yeshutuoni Poetry Society's picture reading exercise

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