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Compound: if your predecessor can't forget you( Actual case)

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When we want to get back together with our predecessors , We often make some typical mistakes .

First of all , The ex hated you , But you keep pestering your predecessor .

The reason you did this , Because I'm afraid my ex will forget you .

You think you can link more time and density with your predecessor

You feel like you have more opportunities to get back together .

You will feel as if there is still hope .

If your predecessor replies to you from time to time , You can't help looking for your ex in various ways .

That is, constantly sending messages to bombard the predecessor , You want to get a chance to meet .

When your predecessor is not interested in you , You will keep looking for topics .

That is, every few hours you will find other topics to talk to your ex hard .

Maybe not so disgusted with you , But if you keep doing this , Highlight your compound attempt .

Before we warm up our affair , Don't show your intentions .

The more your predecessor ignores you , The more you continue to find new topics and continue the conversation .

This time will form a vicious circle .

But when he feels your attempt to compound , The more he doesn't want to reply to you .

If your predecessor meets a good object at this time .

You will also fail .

Because now you are in the eyes of your predecessor , You are an unattractive girl .

There are bad memories still stored in , It hasn't dissipated yet .

Other heterosexuals are relatively a piece of white paper .

As long as the new girl is attractive

Enough to beat you .

second , keep apart , And greatly improve themselves

For many novices .

Keeping a distance is very counterintuitive !

You will think , What if he forgets me ?

What to do with a new lover ?

Does he think he really put it down ?

You think keeping a distance is like forgetting .

Just because of your inner fear .

When you get better , He feels as if he has missed someone important .

Unwilling to this relationship began to sprout .

Third , Show that you don't care about your predecessor

The more you fall in love , In fact, the more you can't get rid of your attempt .

It's equivalent to pushing yourself to a position .

Push your predecessor to a high position .

How could the ex promise to get back together with you ?

Stop posting anything reminiscent of your predecessor .

such as , You've been to some special places before .

Some sad love songs .

Release something that represents what you had before .

The ex thinks you can't get out easily .

When you don't care about each other .

He'll be surprised !

You should be reluctant , You should not let go .

You should cry and make , You should call me crazily and send me wechat ...

And this surprise often turns into a sense of loss

But when he has such mood swings , It's easier to think of you .

For example :

The other party can find his best friend , Let the ex go .

When you don't care , The ex began to care about you .

“ Don't you like me very much ? Why do you think you're casual , Why don't you care about me ”.

This sense of loss is followed by a sense of regret .

Did he find his best friend ? No, !

This is not only a realistic consideration, but also his inner regret ...

SB Thing !

It's good to recover , Love or not .

More than verbal skills , But the understanding of human nature and the psychological analysis of men .

Trapped in genetic influences , Grasp the essence , Everything will become so simple !

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