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Chapter 5 the rich eat rice and despise the poor for porridge

2021-09-01 20:38:37 Life journey

《 If redemption has color , It's olive green against the light 》

The fifth chapter   The rich eat rice , I don't like poor people drinking porridge

“ Can you do with your foot injury ?” Peng Qing is a little worried , He kicked Qingcheng's toe .

“ It's been almost half a year , I can carry it . I can't make it. I'll talk , I have a mouth .” Qingcheng turns the basketball with his hand , Sit cross legged in your seat , Leaning against the back row of tables .

The basketball game , Qingcheng must attend .

“ Don't make a fat face .” Peng Qing as captain , If you want to say that he doesn't care about winning or losing the game, no one believes it .

Although the captain's title is his own , But everyone also gave him face , No one objected .

“ Xiaodeluo , Bring me a pair of basketball shoes when you go home .” Qingcheng and Peng Qing shoes are the same size , This period of training is to wear Peng Qing's basketball shoes .

“ Do you have teeth on your foot ? Wear shoes with gnawed thiamine ?” Peng threw people away , Don't save face for Qingcheng at all .

“ Be reasonable, brother , You threw those shoes away , I picked it up to wear . That's what you are , The rich eat rice , I can't stand the poor drinking porridge .” Qingcheng is also telling the truth .

“ You should feel at ease , You didn't spend money anyway , You have to invite me to dinner another day .” Peng was greedy , Since I had the cheek to go home with Qingcheng and have a meal cooked by qingtuan , I want to eat in Qingcheng as soon as I find a chance .

“ Come on , Anytime , I'll treat you to a nest of feet .” Voice has just fallen. , The bell rings for class , Qingcheng put the basketball under the table .

“ West lake vinegar fish .” Peng ran back to his position , Don't forget to throw a word to Qingcheng .

Study by yourself until next night , Peng Qing naturally ran over and sat beside Qingcheng chatting .

They were both upset when the last night's self-study class was over , The corridor was crowded with people , Basically, they linger in the classroom for more than ten minutes , Wait until you are less .

“ You don't go back to your bedroom and turn on the water ?” Qingcheng asked Peng Qing again as he packed his schoolbag .

“ Today, Liu Jingfeng helped me play .” Peng Qing lives on campus , Resident students should turn on the water every night after self-study , Save it to get up and wash the next day .

“ How can you threaten others ?” Qingcheng always thinks Peng is full of bad water .

“ Conscience of heaven and earth , You didn't see the last self-study just now. He didn't come ?” Peng's expression is exaggerated , It seems that I have been wronged by heaven ,“ The quiz I wrote for him , We are voluntary and equal 、 even bargain .”

“ You've been a law-abiding citizen once .” Qingcheng packed his schoolbag , Back up and get ready to go .

“ There are many people , You go down now ?” Although the mouth says so , Peng Qing still went with him .

“ Today, my sister is paid , Must have bought me sushi , I have to go home to eat ~” After that, I don't forget to be sour ,“ Someone doesn't have to eat .”

“ Ah, my little temper , You say so , I have to go to your house for dinner at the weekend .” Peng Qing took the opportunity to reiterate her strong desire to eat .

“ Come on , I'd like you to come .” Qingcheng sighed imperceptibly ,“ My sister likes listening to you .”

“ Yeah , To say , Your sister's character is too quiet .” Peng is very fond of , The mouth is also straight ,“ Sometimes I don't feel her at home . Is cooking in the kitchen , There was hardly any sound .”

“ She wasn't like this before .” Think of the Youth League , Qingcheng felt a momentary dull pain in his chest .

“ yes ...... Because of the earthquake ?” For the first time, Peng Qing asked this question in a cautious tone .

“ Um. , Should be . But I always think it's not all .” Qingcheng vaguely felt that there was something wrong , But I always feel a fog in front of me , Can't see .

“ You ask her to try ?” In Peng Qing's world , Asking if you don't understand is the basic principle .

“ She won't speak .” Qingcheng knows the character of the Youth League .

Because the family used to favor boys over girls , The Youth League has developed the habit of solving its own problems .

But it's strange , Qingcheng always feels that after coming to Guiyang , The Youth League has changed , It's not just character , There are also some deep things that have become different from before .

“ You two are really a molded character .” Pen tilted his mouth ,“ You buy Uniforms and shoes to save money for lunch , It has been more than a month in a row , Help aunt canteen at noon ? Why don't I lend you money to buy , Just give me back your winter work .”

“ Don't worry , I can carry it .” The salary of the Youth League paid the mortgage 、 Property 、 Water and electricity , And save to pay your tuition .

Qingcheng couldn't bear to ask his sister for any money , Whether reasonable or unreasonable .

“ You can carry it, you .” Pen rolled his eyes .

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