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Shared notebook (22) five internal organs regulating and nourishing the heart

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Heart one 、 The heart is in the chest and on the diaphragm , The heart has the characteristics of presiding over Yang Qi and hating heat . The Yang Qi of the heart can not only maintain the physiological function of the heart itself , And it has a warm effect on the whole body , Push the blood , Maintain human life activities .

How to maintain your heart : One 、 Mind maintenance method 1、 Have few desires ;2、 Think less ;3、 The modern

Two 、 Daily recuperation 1、 Exercise moderately ;2、 Pay attention to the combination of work and rest ;3、 Watch out for heart attacks at the turn of the season ;4、 It can massage acupoints to protect the heart .

The acupoints to protect the heart are Neiguan acupoints 、 Jiamen acupoint 、 Xinshu point . You can also press and knead the precordial area , It can dredge Qi and blood 、 Enhance cardiopulmonary function .

Method : Place your left hand in the left precordial area , Right hand over left hand , Rotate the massage clockwise 30 Time , Then rotate the massage counterclockwise 30 Time .

3、 ... and 、 Drink, eat and take

1、 Don't eat too much salt ;2、 Heart fire is easy to be hyperactive , Pay attention to clearing the heart ;3、 Pay attention to nourishing efforts 、 Mind .

Common foods are : Longan meat 、 Red jujube . Medicinal dishes : Black chicken soup with Angelica 、 Huangqi eel soup . The commonly used foods for nourishing the mind are : walnut 、 millet 、 Lily, etc . Keep your heart and blood 、 Tonic Qi 、 Peace of mind 、 A medicated diet that benefits the mind : Longan porridge 、 Jujube kernel porridge 、 Stewed pig's heart with cypress kernel, etc .

Eat less fat, sweet and thick , In case of poor operation of Qi and blood , Phlegm stasis obstructs collaterals , The heart is out of support . Do not eat animal fat for a long time , Easy to cause arteriosclerosis ; You can eat more high-quality protein 、 Trace element food : Sea cucumber 、 Lean meat ( The pig 、 chicken 、 duck 、 Beef, etc )、 eggs 、 peas and beans ( soybean 、 Broad bean 、 Mung bean 、 peas 、 Red beans, etc )、 cereal ( millet 、 Black rice 、 buckwheat 、 oats 、 Job's tears 、 Sorghum, etc ). To maintain the heart . Among them, wheat can calm the mind and get rid of trouble , You can take whole wheat porridge with skin and take it .

Four 、 Heart guidance

1、《 Interior view of Huangting: reinforcing and reducing the internal organs 》“ Cardiac guidance ” This method includes four potential :

One 、 Body end seat , Clench your hands , Right hand to the left , Left hand to right , Use your hands to move each other 30 Time .

Two 、 Body end seat , Press your left thigh with your left hand , Lift your right hand up , When lifting upward, self emphasis is like a heavy stone .

3、 ... and 、 Cross your hands and fingers , Protrusion , Use your feet and your hands , The left and right feet are interchangeable 30 Time .

Four 、 Ending . The exercise is over , Close your eyes for a long time , Then divide the saliva in your mouth 3 Swallow... Once , Knock again 3 Time and again .

This method requires constant practice , It can dispel all kinds of wind evil diseases in the heart and chest , Prevent heart disease .

Learning notes , Share the above . source : Related textbooks .

Postscript : To keep fit , In a day line . Early treatment of disease , Disease free prevention . Live healthily , It's a responsibility .

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