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I did it, you feel free

2021-09-01 20:53:21 Life journey

From yesterday , It's raining , The mobile weather forecast shows that the rain will continue until September 2 .

The temperature is about twenty-five degrees ,“ An autumn rain and a cold , Wear cotton for ten autumn rains ”, The hot summer that I don't like is finally over .

The two trees at home “ Happy tree ”, Gave birth to a lot of small insects , The leaves are sparse , The floor around is always sticky .

Several times , Black brother has to deal with them , Buy two more , I stopped . look , The tree in the South blooms again ! And there are four flowers in one place .

Give them some time . Time will tell , Time will forget everything , Time will work miracles .

After a storm , Hee hee, the noisy brothers suddenly quieted down , Sit on the sofa and watch TV .

later , One went to the bedroom to get aloe gel , Help me smear my reddish forehead . One carefully brought a glass of water , Say timidly :“ Mom , Drink lots of water .”

They are just a child , Children are not naughty and don't make adults angry ?

I also know , There is no time to be quiet .

But , I have a pair of magical hands ! I have another one , In the life of a chicken feather , Poetic heart .

There are thousands of delicious foods in the world , But for me , Only dumplings , It can relieve worries .

First, I wrapped a meal of vegetarian three delicacies , I was going to eat with the three of us at noon , As a result, lunch turned into dinner , Less leeks , The family of four is a little nervous .

Then I'll try some fresh food . Before getting married, bearded asked me a very strange thing :“ How much money do you want a husband ?” I said, :“ If you don't like it , Millionaires don't marry ; I like it , Billionaires also marry .”“ He said it , You always want to marry rich .”“ There are exceptions .” I sighed .“ What if you're with me ?” He asked naturally .“ Then just eat enough money .” He thought for a moment , ask again :“ Do you eat much ?” I answered very carefully :“ Not much , Not much , You can eat less in the future .” Just these few sentences , I became a big beard lotus West's wife .

No, no, No , I don't have such an extraordinary feeling . Namely , There are not enough dumplings .

Black brother finished eating and went to play with the little skinny egg . There are half a plate of dumplings left on the table , Anyway, it's not enough to save one meal the next day , Why don't you eat it now !

Sit down and eat . Brother Hei walked around the living room and looked back at me in front of the table , Stop , Exclaim :“ You didn't eat ?” Explain to him , Dabao added that his mother was not full , Black brother complained that he didn't say .

Brother Hei said guiltily that I was too strong to eat , I thought you had finished .“ I think of my grandpa , Every meal is the first to eat , Just grab a few bites and say you're full , When everyone is finished , If there's anything left , He'll have some more , If not, forget it ……”

You are being paranoid. , I'm not that great ! Forget I'm losing weight ?

Mother sent some eggplant the day before yesterday 、 Towel gourd , And a bunch of leeks , It was brought by her sister-in-law and her mother . Just bought meat stuffing , I wanted to fry , Then wrap up dumplings .

This time Dabao specially asked me if I had enough dumplings , Your mother is not that old , You can't make the same mistake twice . Put your heart in your stomach ! Foot drop !

Eat a steaming dumpling , I feel comfortable all over , The world is worth !

Brother Hei hasn't finished work yet , Continue to pack , Cook him hot . Roll out dumplings while eating , Before you know it , There are three left in a plate of dumplings ……

Forgive everything before you go to bed , Waking up is a new life .

Except for life and death , It's all little things .

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