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Progress in continuous recovery

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What is a double dish ?

The resumption comes from go . 

After a game of chess , To review again :

Every move just now , What are good moves , What are the bad ways , There can be better moves , This is the second round . 

After repeated offers , There will be more ideas , Both good and bad can realize , This is a very important step to improve the level of go . 

Empathy , At work 、 In the life 、 In the study , Every step of the way , Look closer and closer to the goal , Or drift away ?

This is the second round : Sum up the successful experience , Learn from failure . 

How to view ?

You can use your most natural 、 Like the way . 

Format is not important , Inspection is important . 

If there is no format , You can do these three things :

Continue to do (Continue doing)、 Stop doing (Stop doing)、 Get started (Start to do).

** replay , Is to give yourself a chance to examine yourself . **

Socrates said : Life without examination is not worth living . 

Before going to bed every day , Look back on everything that happened that day , Reflect on whether your goals are being implemented as planned , Whether they have reached the level and stage required by themselves today .

Every Saturday ( Or before leaving the office on Friday ), Keep it for yourself 30 minute , Make a double offer . With a daily repeat , The weekly resume will be simple , Will be more targeted , The goals and plans will be clearer and clearer next week , Go one step further from your goal .

Check once a week , A year 52 Time ; Check once a month , Every year, 12 Time ; Review Quarterly , There are only 4 Time .

Whether it's a daily review , Or weekly review , Or annual year-end summary and work report , Will be their accumulated wealth , They will come out step by step .

After the inspection ?

** plan 、 action 、 Inspection and handling , namely PDCA loop , Go round and begin again , Over and over again , Keep improving .**

plan , There's no need to talk about it . Just write about the next day or week or month , What I think I must do . 

Every Sunday ( Or get to the office early on Monday ), Keep it for yourself 30 minute , Make a goal and action plan for next week . 

In addition to the weekly plan , And monthly plans , And at the end of each quarter , You can do it “ Quarterly resumption ”、“ Mid year resumption ”、“ Year end re offer ”. 

All plans , Will not automatically become a reality . Only action can change the result .

  Only a timely resumption , In order to effectively achieve the goal .

Man's greatest progress , A review of daily work 、 The implementation of the plan and an open mind . 

There is no double offer , People will be in the wrong place , Repeated mistakes , No experience .

After reading a Book , I'm used to browsing again from beginning to end , Key chapters 、 Key paragraphs 、 Key words …… I recall the knowledge in the book that I can use 、 Method .

The same goes for running and fitness , Look at the data , Experience the feeling of the body with new , And your body movements , Review the joy and sweat brought by each paragraph , Plan how far to run tomorrow, where to run and who to run .

Writing an article also cares about the amount of reading , Why read more or less , What are the readers , Readers' comments , How to write next time you encounter a similar problem , I will pay attention to these .

Work 、 In life and study , I have been adhering to the practice of resuming the offer , Benefited greatly , It's not polite to say that the current state benefits from frequent resumption .

contrary , The little partner I was with , Even a little friend with a higher starting point than me , Occupation development , Family life , My physical condition is far less than me , A little root cause : Do not repeat the offer or do not repeat the offer in time .

Only repeated offers , To make progress , Make progress in the recovery , Recover in progress !

Mutual encouragement !

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