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After reading "all things have spirits"

2021-09-01 21:09:10 Photography

Another weekend , The autumn cicada in the distance is still crying , The nearby teapot is steaming , It's cooking happily , Pu'er with rice fragrance permeates every corner of the house , Hold in hand 《 Everything has a spirit 》, Enjoy this time .

The future is a false proposition , Cherish the present is the truth . Combing the reading for more than half a year , There are a few , All things have spirits 》, It's intermittent , Read and put down one of the , The best , The body is idle and the mind is idle , It's a good time to read .

Everything is spiritual and beautiful , Author Jia Pingwa thinks about the truth of life in a literary way . The book 233 Prose is either long or short , The text is light and white , But love goes through it , among 《 A sacrifice 》 To my mother 》《 Moon trace 》 Talk about your daughter 》… Read it dozens of times , Today's society is poisonous chicken soup , There should be poetry and distance , In fact, I want to walk away, but I can't get out of the world . Only with someone in mind can we live , How can we leave the world fireworks .

Life is so hard , Life is boring , You have to be interesting to live long . Therefore, in the author's writing, there is 《 View Chrysanthemum 》《 Interview with Mei 》《 Tea 》…

Miss Jia is Yu's idol , On the one hand, his talent, talent , More importantly, I admire the teacher's diligence , persistent , A bald pen hits the world , It's not easy to live in Changan , prolific , Famous Yang Tianxia .

Good reading , Read good things ,《 All souls have souls 》 No pains, no gains .

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