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Funing Confucian Temple (Xiapu Confucius Cultural Park)

2021-09-01 21:10:19 Life journey

Reconstruction of Funing Confucian temple   For the benefit of future generations

Xiapu Confucius Cultural Park is located at the south foot of Longshou mountain in the northwest of Xiapu County, Ningde City, Fujian Province , According to the plan, the total investment is nearly 2 One hundred million yuan , It covers an area close to 100 mu , The total building area is close to 1 Thousands of square meters . Construction of the first phase The project —— Funing Confucian temple ( Confucius Dacheng Hall ), Floor area 5400 Square meters , Total investment 8000 Ten thousand yuan . The main buildings are —— Dachengmen 、 Dacheng Hall 、 Embossed dragon pillar 、 Cultural column 、 Confucius statue 、 Four matching images 、72 Disciples like 、 Royal Stone high relief sea dragon pattern bluestone 、 Platform railings 、 Sur block and its auxiliary hall and other ancillary works .

In order to inherit the excellent Chinese traditional culture , Carry forward the essence of Confucianism , Develop Xiapu tourism and culture , I sincerely hope to love the countryside 、 A man of insight who is pious to the sage Confucius , In order to restore the magnificence of Funing Confucian temple in Xiapu , Keep in mind the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation , Inspire future generations , Heritage classics , loosen one's purse strings generously , Make a donation , Make good friends and do good things , Widely planted Futian , major , The descendants of Fuyin . Happy helpers , Throw nothing in vain , Fu Bu Tang donates , When Funing Confucian temple is completed , Tree steles and books , Fame favors !

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