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2021-09-01 21:31:46 Photography

        That night, I chatted with my old classmate on wechat audio , Casually talked about pension and life and death . People usually don't want to touch on such topics , First, I can't speak clearly in a few words , Besides, it's all disturbing things , Why bother yourself early ?

      But my old classmates and I didn't avoid this topic that night , Touch this topic , From his mother-in-law to the nursing home , No one can avoid being old . Most of our only child parents , Will face the children and take care of the elderly , The problem that the mind is surplus but the strength is insufficient . Fortunately, the country is becoming stronger and richer , Social pension has been basically guaranteed , Retirement expenses can meet the needs of life, age, illness and death . But go back , After seventy, over eighty , Physical decline 、 What if you have difficulty moving ? The only child should be busy with his own work , Worry about your children , Run your own family , I'm too busy for myself , How can you have so much energy to care about the elderly ? A forward-looking generation , We should always put the future ahead , Since you can't avoid it, you have to face it positively . Not long ago, my old classmates and wife bought health insurance , More money and less money depends on your financial situation , High school and low-grade are optional . The old classmate said that the concept of buying old-age care has changed , Worries about the future are relieved , The idea of living well has been put down . When it comes to life and death that most people don't want to touch , My old classmates and I didn't hide , Since it's the law of metabolism , No one can escape . In our past education , Especially the lack of common sense about facing death , See death as a dark curtain that can't be faced , Some had hope of life , As a result, Sheng Sheng scared himself to death . How to recognize death ? First, don't worry about death in advance , The second is to live happily . As long as we establish a scientific outlook on life and death , Can achieve the happiness of life , Calm death .

      The night talk about pension and life and death that day , It seems that the topic is heavy , Talking but laughing . Many tangles in life 、 Many difficult things , In fact, there is no need to hide and avoid , Face life 、 Calm in the face of , Will open your mind , Reappearance of the dark willows and bright flowers .

( The illustration of this article is taken by the author in Kuanzhai alley, Chengdu )

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