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My child is my teacher

2021-09-01 21:31:55 Life journey

Starting Today , Good morning! 8 On the evening of 6 Our learning system , Keep it going 4 Genius can end .

The information in the group is also good , Or the teachers' private letter call . Because online learning , The mobile phone has been connected to the classroom , So I didn't have time to reply .

Guess what I'm learning ?

School transformation training , A new science course , So I've been learning new courses .

Take a look at the learning materials , ha-ha , Among them, there are graphics programming software that children have learned before , Isn't there a ready-made one-on-one teacher ?

The first day mainly focuses on the concept of the course , Once learning is over , I can't wait to go home to find my children at night .

After dinner, tell the child :“ The graphical programming software we learned today , You teach me !”

The child was surprised . Looked at me in surprise and said :“ what ? To teach you .”

“ Yes ,” I definitely nodded to him ,“ We want to learn this software , I don't know how to use , When I send the summary of my study , You teach me .”

freaks , The child readily agreed .

So I sat down and made a summary .

Ben is watching TV in the living room , It seems that I can't sit still today , Ran up to me again and again and asked .

“ Mom , Have you finished your summary ? Are you going to start learning ?”

I've never seen a little guy so devoted to learning . I smiled and replied ,“ Wait for a while , Wait a minute .”

Finally, when he came to me for the third time , I put down the summary , Tell him ,“ Okay , We can start . Please help me see .”

I call up the picture I made up before , Asked him , Why don't the characters I edit move ?

He stood in front of the computer , Frown , Squint at .

Look at the little guy in front of you , I sighed deeply , I don't know when , The baby in his arms , Grown into a half grown boy .

Less than half a minute , He exclaimed :“ You see , You even omitted this step . How can it start ? And here 、 here ……”

He pointed at the picture , When I got to the back, I just took my keyboard and helped me modify some data . Then press the start button proudly ——

Something amazing happened , The picture really moved .

I'm very happy , Look at the problem that bothers me , The little guy solved it all at once , My heart is still beautiful , There is a kind of “ My son grew up ” The feeling of .

I panicked and tried to grab the keyboard , Try it again . But the child frowned again , Keep your eyes on the screen , To say to oneself ,“ How can this be so ? wait , I'll take a look at it again .”

Those are slightly longer than mine “ Little big hand ”, Another tap on the keyboard 、 test , Soon showed a satisfied smile .

A phone call came into the cell phone , I turned my back to answer the phone , When I came back, I saw many green long squares on my computer interface .

“ What is this ?” I asked curiously .

The little guy said with a smile :“ Try playing it .”

Click on play , Something amazing happened , The computer even tinkled with music .

It turned out that he combined some modules that can play music .

He kept adjusting the speed for me 、 Adjust the tone , Music has also changed differently . This is amazing !

Look at me in surprise , The little guy laughed , Asked happily :“ What about? , Not bad. , This is what I think .”

ok , Being a mother has to bow down to the disadvantage , Times are different , Receive different knowledge education , Each has .

In the face of graphical programming , Only let children be teachers .

Qifan Qiwei Lesson No

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