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Jiuzhai returns without looking at the water

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      “ Jiuzhai return without looking at the water ” , In a word, it makes Jiuzhaigou beautiful ! I once visited myself before the Jiuzhaigou earthquake , Can't stand the temptation of Qimei water world , Close to Jiuzhaigou again . I feel like Jiuzhaigou after the disaster , Although there is a panda sea 、 Arrow bamboo sea 、 Fangcaohai 、 Swan sea 、 Scenic spots such as panda waterfall and virgin forest are not open , Still beautiful , Still a paradise on earth .

        Jiuzhaigou is located in zhangzha Town, Jiuzhaigou County, ABA Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, the southern part of Minshan mountains in the northwest of Sichuan Province , It is located in the northeast of gongganling in the south section of Minshan Mountain . Distance from Chengdu 400 Many kilometers , The north edge of Jiuzhaigou estuary is at an altitude of 2000 rice , The central peaks and ridges are 4000 Meters above , The south margin reaches 4500 Meters above . The name of Jiuzhaigou comes from the fact that there are nine Tibetan villages in the scenic area , The Tibetans in the stockade have lived here for generations . Jiuzhaigou has world natural heritage 、 National key scenic spots 、 Country 5A Class ii tourist attractions 、 National Nature Reserve 、 The National Geological Park 、 World Biosphere Reserve Network and other honorary titles .

        Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve has 108 It's a high mountain lake ,17 A large waterfall . Most lakes are scattered in groups , There are so many high mountain lakes in one ditch , In the country 、 There's no second one in the world .

        Jiuzhaigou has lakes 、 The waterfall 、 Cailin 、 xuefeng 、 Blue ice and Tibetan customs are called “ Six Jue ”, Known as “ Fairy tale world ”、“ The world of water ”、“ King of waterscape ”.

        2017 When the earthquake happened in , Spark sea and NuoRiLang waterfall were damaged and no longer exist , After manual intervention , The waterfall and spark sea are now basically restored , The earthquake also produced a new waterfall —— Shuanglonghai waterfall . Unfortunately, due to lack of time , Failed to go to see , There are also scenic spots such as Shuzheng waterfall !

        Jiuzhaigou is deep 40 Many kilometers , Total area 6 More than ten thousand hectares , The three main ditches are “Y” Glyph distribution .Y The lower branch of the tree is shuzhenggou , The left branch is zechawagou , The right branch is rizegou . The full length of Shuzheng ditch 13.8 km , From the gate to NuoRiLang Tourist Center , There are all kinds of lakes ( Haizi )40 More than a , It accounts for about... Of all the lakes in Jiuzhaigou scenic area 40%, The main scenic spots are bonsai beach 、 Reed Sea 、 Spark sea 、 The tree is falling 、 Tiger sea 、 Rhinoceros sea and NuoRiLang falls . Check the length of the valley 17.8 km , From NuoRiLang tourist center to Changhai , It is the longest ditch developed in Jiuzhaigou now , The main attractions are the next season sea 、 Mid season sea 、 Last season, the sea 、 Multicolored pool 、 Changhai et al . The length of rizegou is 16 km , Between NuoRiLang falls and the virgin forest , The main scenic spots are Jinghai 、 Pearl Beach waterfall 、 Pearl Beach 、 Jinlinghai 、 Peacock River 、 Five flower sea 、 High falls 、 Xiong maohai 、 Arrow bamboo sea 、 Swan sea 、 Grass sea 、 Virgin forest, etc ( Up to now, the scenic spots starting from the high waterfall have not been opened ). Norilang waterfall is Shuzheng ditch and Rize ditch 、 The intersection of chawa ditch .

              【 Five flower sea 】

      Five flower sea , At an altitude of 2472 rice , Water depth 5 rice , area 9 Thousands of square meters , It is located at the end of the upper reaches of the Peacock River in rizegou , There is a panda sea on it , There is Pearl Beach waterfall , Known as the “ Jiuzhaigou is unique ” and “ Jiuzhai essence ”, It is one of the most wonderful scenic spots in Jiuzhaigou . Call it the sea of five flowers , Because the pool water containing calcium carbonate , And aquatic communities with different chlorophyll , Under the action of the sun , Turned into a mess 、 Pieces of colorful colors , The colorful forests on the shore are reflected in the pool , It's colorful , And underwater sunken wood 、 Plants dot each other , Wonderful .

        Enter the scenic spot , The sightseeing bus in the area directly transported the tourists to the Wuhua sea . After getting out of the car , Along the plank road , All the way down the slope, through a secluded forest, you reach the Wuhua sea . The plank road was built around the sea , The terminal point is located at the intersection of the outlet of Wuhua sea and the Peacock River , There is a trestle at the junction of the two . The origin of the name of the Peacock River , From the lake on the south side of the trestle , The colorful water looks like peacock's colorful wings ; The river bend on the north side of the trestle is like the head and neck of a peacock , The three ancient trees are like finches on the top of flower feathers .

        The colors of the sea of five flowers are mottled and blurred 、 Colorful , It shows orange 、 Goose yellow 、 blackish green 、 Green 、 Deep blue 、 Royal Blue 、 Colorful color blocks such as Tibetan green , It looks like a huge ornament inlaid with countless gemstones , one 's clothes were covered all over with jewels and valuable buttons , her beauty is good enough for the aristocracy .

        The colorful sea under the blue sky and white clouds , In the sunshine , grow more enchanting , Haizi is more confused , Gorgeous , A strange land , Place oneself among them , It's like entering a fairy tale situation . Jiuzhai people say : The five flower sea is a sacred pool , Where does its water spill , Where there are flowers and forests , Beautiful and rich .

            【 Pearl Beach waterfall 】

        Pearl Beach waterfall , At an altitude of 2445 rice , Waterfall high 21 rice , wide 162 rice , The maximum drop is 40 rice , It is a typical combined landscape in Jiuzhaigou , Is the TV series 《 Journey to the west 》 At the end of the film, the Tang Monk's master and apprentice lead a horse to wade in the water .

        Pearl Beach is located at the junction of rizegou and nanrigou , It is about... From the lower reaches of Wuhua sea 0.5 km , There are no bus stops here , You need to walk from Wuhua sea .

        Pearl Beach is a flat slope 、 A shoal full of bushes , long 100 Meters of water flow here through the multi-stage drop Valley , The torrent is tilting 、 Countless drops of water splashed on the uneven milky yellow calcified beach , In the sun , Little drops of water are like pearls in giant scallops , From a distance, the river looks like a river of white pearls , Hence the name Pearl Beach .

        There is a trestle on Pearl Beach , The beach on the south side of the bridge is covered with bushes , The water is flowing in the bushes , There is snow on the distant mountain , The trees nearby are tall and straight . The swift and violent torrent moves forward on the inclined beach 200 rice , At the end of the cliff on the sloping beach , Rush out of the cliff and fall into the deep valley , It forms the magnificent Pearl Beach waterfall . Where there is a lot of water , The torrent is fast , The sound and thunder of the water , The fog is rising , of great momentum ; Where there is little water , Like a silver chain falling , have all kinds of connections with , Crystal clear . The waterfall is divided into several strands by a crescent shaped rock mass , Or silver curtain flying , Or white waves rolling , Or like beads or lines , They rushed and poured into the bottom of the stream , Rushing down with noise , stately , majestic . The waterfall rushed to the bottom of the valley , Roar like thunder , Roll up thousands of waves , Run east . The color of the torrent is blue and white , Of all the rapids in Jiuzhaigou, the water is the most beautiful 、 The water is the strongest 、 The loudest part of the water .

        Leave Pearl Beach waterfall and continue along the plank road , Will pass through an open valley , The valley is overgrown with vegetation , There is a river at the bottom of the valley , The waterfall is formed when the water falls down the cliff , The flow direction of the small river is the mirror sea downstream . What is enviable is , There are several families by the river , I really live in a paradise . Besides , Another one on the way said “8•8 stone ” Big stone with words , This is well known 2017 year 8 month 8 A stone that slipped down during the earthquake in the scenic spot on the th , It's sad to see .

                【 Mirror sea 】

      Mirror sea , At an altitude of 2390 rice , long 1 km , In a long and narrow shape , Surrounded by trees , area 19 Thousands of square meters , Mean depth 11 rice , Deepest 24.3 rice , Located downstream of the empty valley , Because the water surface is as flat as a mirror, it gets its name , Above it is Pearl Beach , Below is the NuoRiLang Tourist Center . The mirror sea is like a mirror , The scenery on the ground and in the air is copied into the water without distortion , Its reflection dominates Jiuzhaigou .

        The distance between Pearl Beach and mirror sea is 2.5 km , There are two ways to go : First, walk along the plank road to ; Second, walk first 0.5 After arriving at the bus stop, take a bus to .

        The seaside valley slope of the mirror sea is steep , Dense forests , Rich in layers . The sea is as calm as a mirror , The blue sky 、 White clouds 、 Distant mountains 、 Close to the tree, the sea bottom , The mirror of the sea landscape is clear , Clear lines , Beautiful colors , Be full of variety , Have “ Fish swim in the sky • Birds fly under the water ” A fantastic scene . Because a long vine with thick bowl mouth climbs tightly on a towering tree by the sea , As high as a tree , Go straight to the sky . The tree gives the vine infinite warm shade , The vine gives the tree beautiful and pure love , So people gave Jinghai an alias ——“ Love Park ”. Besides , Others believe that this vine wrapped tree is the love witness left by the legendary female mountain god vonosemo and the male mountain god DAGO . It is said that the female mountain god vonosemo lost the love token sent by the male mountain god DAGO , Come to the mirror beach every day to make up , They are performing their love myth by the mirror sea , And left vines wrapped around the tree .

        The mirror sea has “ Three wonders ” : A strange reflection is better than the real scene . When there is no wind on a sunny day , The water is as smooth as a mirror , The scene is copied into the water without distortion , I have no idea , More graceful than the real scene . Two strange waves in the water belt . When it drizzles in summer , Water wave crepe slightly , On the surface of the lake, we can see a river that seems to exist or not 、 Soft white water like fine silk , There is no rain on it , Smooth and bright , The outside of the band is sparkling , The beauty of each other is confusing . Sanqiqi in the mirror sea thin moon . Moon night , Regardless of monthly profit or loss , The wind is still and the waves are still , The bright moon sank in the lake , It's a different feeling to swim in the mirror sea on a moonlit night . Another is that there are many long in the mirror sea 20~30 The wind of meters fell down, and the huge trees were half floating and half sinking in the water , The tops of two giant trees are half exposed , Shrubs and moss ferns grow on it , It stands like a bonsai in the middle of the lake .

                  【 Changhai 】

      Changhai , At an altitude of 3060 rice (  The highest point 4450 rice ), area 93 Thousands of square meters , long 7.5 km , Mean depth 44.57 rice ( The deepest reaches 80 rice ), It is located at the end of zechawa ditch , Below it is the colorful pool , It is the largest in Jiuzhaigou 、 Widest 、 The deepest sea .

        If you want to go to Changhai from NuoRiLang Tourist Center , Because it is more than ten kilometers away , On the way 3 There is no water in the sea in four seasons , All the tourists chose to take a bus to .

        The long sea is in a valley of mountains . Across from Haizi , There are snow peaks 、 Ice bucket 、“U” Zigu and other typical glacier landscapes , The trees along the bank are lush , The lake is like a mirror , Spectacular . There is no outlet in the long sea , The lake is blocked by moraines , The snow on the glacial snow peak in the south is the water source of the long sea , Because of the rainstorm in summer and autumn, the water does not overflow the embankment , A long drought in winter and spring does not dry up , It is called by the Tibetan people “ Don't pretend to be satisfied 、 A treasure gourd that doesn't leak ”.

        The water of the long sea is blue , The surrounding mountains are emerald . On the shore of the lake at the north entrance , Growing a tree with many twigs on one side 、 A pine tree without branches on one side , Because of its strange shape , It's called “ The old man with one arm is loose ”, It is said that , This tree “ The old man with one arm is loose ” Standing there all year round , It's to prevent monsters from appearing in the long sea , Guarding the peace of the long sea !

              【 Multicolored pool 】

        Multicolored pool , At an altitude of 2995 rice , area 5645 Square meters , Water depth 6.6 rice , Located in the deep valley beside the highway under the long sea , It is the essence of Jiuzhaigou Lake , It is also the smallest in Jiuzhaigou 、 The most beautiful pool , Because of its special delicacy , Known as the eye of Jiuzhai .

        From the long sea to the colorful pool , Must go on foot , Because there is no car , Second, the distance between the two is only 1 km . Leave the colorful pool , Need to walk 0.5 Km to the station, take a bus to NuoRiLang tourist center, and then go elsewhere .

        The colorful pool is beautiful and colorful 、 Purity and transparency are famous all over the world , When it freezes three feet in cold winter , The pool water is still rippling ( The distance is only 1 In winter, the ice thickness of km long sea can reach 60 centimeter ), This phenomenon stems from the fact that the pool water is replenished underground by the high Changhai sea , Groundwater is at normal temperature in four seasons .

        The water in the multicolored pool is extremely clear , Through the pool water , The stone grain on the rock surface at the bottom of the pool can be seen . In a small lake , Can show blue at the same time 、 Light green 、 Crimson yellow and other colors , It's a rare spectacle !

        There is a beautiful legend about the origin of the name of the colorful pool : It is said that the multicolored pool is the place where the goddess Semo washes , DAGO, the male god, draws water for her from the long sea every day , after a considerable period of time , DAGO's feet stepped out on the cliff 198 Stepped steps , The rouge washed from Semo's face has also become this amazing colorful pool .

          【 Norerlang falls 】

        Norerlang falls , At an altitude of 2365 rice , The waterfall is wide 270 rice , high 24.5 rice , Drop 20 rice , Located at the end of the sea view area of Shuzheng group , It is one of the large travertine waterfalls in China , It's also the widest waterfall in China . In Tibetan, NuoRiLang means great and tall , So norilang waterfall means the magnificent waterfall .

        NuoRiLang falls is only... Away from the tourist center 0.5 km , No matter which way you go , You can take a bus to the tourist center and then walk to , Of course , If you have good physical strength , Enough time , You can also start from the rhinoceros sea , go 3 Kilometers of plank road to NuoRiLang waterfall .

        Standing on the viewing platform opposite the waterfall , Panoramic view of the waterfall . The torrent of water from the NuoRiLang sea , Flow down the top of the waterfall , Like the Milky way , The sound shakes the valley , It forms a magnificent picture . Looking at the water falling down like a curtain , Like intermittent beads dripping into the pool , Ten thousand water flowers are like silver beads and ten thousand Dendrobium are scattered everywhere , Tiancheng's poetic and picturesque mood is released like an oil painting , The heart is drunk , And drunk can't bear to leave .

        NuoRiLang falls goes up 300 There is the only norilang tourism service center in the scenic area , This is a four square building integrating Tibetan traditional architectural style and modern architectural technology , The roof is transparent , NuoRiLang restaurant in the center is the only restaurant in Jiuzhaigou scenic spot , Only buffet fast food , The price for 60 Yuan a person , The food is processed outside the ditch .

        A legend about the origin of NuoRiLang waterfall : In the past, the top of the waterfall was only a platform , There are no waterfalls . One year , Monk zalmud, who returned from a long journey, brought back the palm leaf Sutra 、 Plowshare crown and hand spinning wheel . Ruo Yiguo, a smart and beautiful Tibetan girl, soon learned to spin with a spinning wheel , And put the spinning frame on the platform at the junction of the three grooves , Let the past sisters watch 、 Study , People call it “ Textile table ”. Roza, the murderous leader, thinks that she is engaging in devious ways , Kick her and the spinning wheel down the cliff . immediately , Flash floods , Take Roza and his accomplice off the cliff , The spinning table becomes a waterfall .

        In previous news reports : NuoRiLang falls in 2017 year 8 month 8 What happened in Jiuzhaigou on the th 7.0 There was a collapse in the magnitude earthquake , At that time, I was very sad , I thought I'd never see it again , Subsequent reports said that when it was repaired and opened to the outside world , A boost of spirit . Now see again , I feel that it has basically restored its beautiful face , What a blessing !

              【 Rhinoceros sea 】

        Rhinoceros sea , At an altitude of 2400 rice , long 2.2 km , Water depth 17 rice ( The deepest place reaches 40 meters ), It is the second sea in Jiuzhaigou , The largest Haizi in shuzhenggou , It is adjacent to NuoRiLang waterfall , Next to the tiger sea .

        The distance from NuoRiLang waterfall to rhinoceros sea is 3 km , You need to take a bus to .

        Rhinoceros sea is one of the most varied sea areas in Jiuzhaigou , Beautiful scenery , Its reflection is almost the top of the sea , It is said that , The reflection of clouds when the clouds are misty , It's true and illusory that people can't tell where the sky is , Where is the sea . Rhinoceros has an open sea , At the end of the north bank is the reeds full of business , The exit of the south bank has existing woods , There are silver waterfalls , There is also a trestle leading to the other side , In the middle is a large blue lake . The trees growing in the water on both sides of the trestle are amazing !

        It is said that in ancient times , One is seriously ill 、 The dying Tibetan Lama , Riding a rhinoceros here . When he drank the lake here , The disease has miraculously recovered . So the old Lama drank the lake here day and night , Hate to leave , Finally, he rode a rhinoceros into the sea , Settle here permanently , This sea is called rhinoceros sea .

                【 Tiger sea 】

      Tiger sea , At an altitude of 2298 rice   , Long 310 rice , wide 171-194 rice , deep 25 rice , Above the tree waterfall , Above it is the rhinoceros sea .

        The distance from the rhinoceros sea to the tiger is 300 rice , The sightseeing plank road is on the side of the road , Just walk .

        The tiger sea is deep and quiet , There is violence in silence , There is defiance hidden in tranquility . The lake water changes from light blue to royal blue and then to dark blue , The color changes evenly , Very beautiful .

        There are three ways to name tiger sea : First, the trees near it are waterfalls, and the water sounds like thunder , Like a tiger roaring ; Second, every late autumn season , The upper forest on the lake bank and the mountain is dyed , The colorful trees are reflected in the clear lake , variegated , Like the colorful tiger patterns on the tiger ; Third, tigers in the mountains love to come to the sea to drink water .

              【 Zhangzha town 】

        Zhangzha town was originally called Jiuzhaigou town , Nanping County, where it is located, was renamed Jiuzhaigou County , The original Jiuzhaigou town is located in zhangzha village , So it was renamed zhangzha town . Tourists travel to Jiuzhaigou , Will live here , This is what people often call the mouth of Jiuzhaigou . Goukou refers to an area outside Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area , Now , Houses and facilities that provide accommodation, catering, leisure and entertainment for tourists have been connected , Pengfeng village, which is closest to the ditch mouth, is only... Away from Jiuzhaigou scenic spot 600 rice .

        Zhangzha town is a beautiful town , The mountains in the morning are shrouded in clouds , Neon lights twinkled in the streets at night , Especially the Jiuzhai eternal scene area located in the town , Even more brilliant , its brightness dazzles the eyes , The huge statue of mammy is very eye-catching . Jiuzhai eternal scene area deeply excavates the unique Tibetan and Qiang culture with the unique gardening techniques of song city , The square of the goddess of color was built 、 Thangka Valley 、 Hide the blockhouse 、 QiangZhai 、 Ancient tea horse road 、 Caravan square 、 Caravan post station 、 Chuanxi Street 、 Water Street 、 Tibetan and Qiang cultural scenic spot with bar street as the main body , This is a country with great national characteristics 、 A scenic spot with national charm .

        The water in Jiuzhaigou comes from the sky , From the ground , It brings color , Brought a fairyland on earth , Its beauty is beyond words , There is nothing to say , Feeling or “ Jiuzhai return without looking at the water ” The best expression , The wonderful is worth remembering !

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