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Why lack the courage to open your hobby

2021-09-01 21:38:04 Life journey

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I read an article on the local website today , Introduced a colleague in the office , Participate in the local poetry conference and become one of the defenders of the second stage challenge . This news surprised me , The impression of this colleague working in the office , Get busy every day , Often work overtime , There is not much spare time left for him , What time did he seize , Leave a space for your hobbies , Such achievements have also been made . What's more amazing is his courage , Although I occasionally watch him share poems in my circle of friends , But when working in an organ, I dare to participate in such activities that have nothing to do with work , Also need to bear the pressure .

No contrast, no harm . Compare this colleague , I'm a little ashamed , Your hobby is still covered up , Lack of open courage . Take my own hobby of writing , One is the lack of open courage . On Jane's book day 180 Many days , Although it is also a kind of public writing , However, it is still open to the public in unfamiliar Jane friends under the online name , To colleagues around you , Even the family is still secret , It's all self entertainment . Second, his writing achievements are very high . Stick to the achievements made in the future , It's terrible , The writing content is still lack of novelty , The level of writing is tepid . Third, the characteristics are flat . Writing for a long time , The theme has changed a lot , Tell stories, talk about life and write experiences , However, there is still a lack of core brands .

The greatest function of publicity is self pressurization through external forces , Show determination publicly , Finally, make use of publicity to achieve the goal of supervising self-improvement . therefore , Dare to be public is a touchstone , Why do I lack the courage to open my hobby ? Consider oneself , First, the attitude is not firm . No determination to burn the boat , Always leave yourself a way back , So I dare not make it public , Afraid of being hit by failure halfway . Second, not confident enough . Dare not open, in fact, still value “ face ”, Afraid of public humiliation ; Third, think more about difficulties , I always thought that after it was made public , There must be achievements , Thus raising the threshold for yourself , In fact, hobbies are hobbies , Honor and achievement are by-products , Making yourself happy is the greatest function of hobbies .

The reasons are analyzed , I still don't disclose my hobbies to my colleagues for the time being , You'd better cultivate your internal skill first , Raise the level , When the flowers are brilliant, dare to disclose your hobbies !

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