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Make sense and let three points

2021-09-01 21:53:05 Life journey

There are always some people in life , Don't forgive me , Even if it's unreasonable, you have to fight for three points , I'm always afraid I'll suffer ; By contrast , There are others , Holding the truth will also make people three points , Looks graceful and supple , Quite a gentleman .

The former , It is often an unstable factor in life , The latter has a natural centripetal force ; A living chatter , One who lives naturally .

Reasonable or not , Forgive not forgive , Usually on the right and wrong field , During the debate .

If it is a major or important question of right and wrong , Nature should not lose its principle to talk about everything , Even dedication to the pursuit of truth is worth .

But in everyday life , Also at work , Often because of some non principled issues 、 A trivial problem , It's a pleasure to win , No one is willing to bow down , It's more true to talk about it , So that you have to decide to stop with male and female , The result was so serious that there was a big fight , Or break up unhappily 、 The result of chicken flying and dog jumping , And affect unity , And the more such people are, the more they dislike those who are willing to bow to the disadvantage .

Strive for a good winner . May not grasp the truth , And humble people , Originally, I looked at being outstanding very lightly , Not to mention the small right and wrong debate . The more reasonable you are , The more humble you are , Often the more you can show a person's magnanimous mind 、 Deep cultivation .

In the spring and Autumn period , King Zhuang of Chu is a man who can employ people , A person who can tolerate people's shortcomings .

At a celebration , Xu Ji, the concubine of King Zhuang of Chu, poured wine for the guests . Suddenly a gust of wind came , Blow out the lighted candle , The hall was dark .

Someone pulled Xu Ji's sleeve in the dark . Smart Xu Ji took advantage of the situation and took off the man's hat , Then he loudly asked King Zhuang to trace the lamp .

The magnanimous King Zhuang didn't think much , I immediately forgave this man . King Zhuang said to Xu Ji :“ The generals are a group of rough people , Drink too much , Seeing a beauty like you , Who can be unmoved ? If found guilty , Then it's boring .”

He immediately announced , There is no need to trace the matter . And let everyone here take off their hats in the dark , And named the party “ Tassel picking Club ”.

later , The state of Wu attacked the state of Chu . A general named Tang cunning fought bravely , He has made many achievements in war . After the event , He found King Zhuang , Plead guilty face to face and say :“ The minister is in the first Hall , The tassel is also !”

In fact, in life , Everyone will be embarrassed 、 When you do something wrong 、 When you ask for help , If you are on the side of judgment , Especially when their mistakes or things involve your interests , Or even when they have a deep hatred with you , What would you do ? Different people may do different things .

But in life , You will often be embarrassed 、 There is a mistake 、 Ask for the position of the author , under these circumstances , You also need the tolerance of others .

draw , Sympathize with others , Be tolerant of others , It is a virtue not to embarrass others . This virtue can influence people , Strengthen the mutual help EQ relationship between people , Let society form a generous upward trend , When you have misfortune , It's also easy to get help from others .

Don't cling to other people's mistakes and shortcomings , Forgive and forgive . This can not only reduce contradictions , It will also improve the kindness of your predecessors . This kind character , It is the virtue that human beings need to survive .

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