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2021-09-01 21:53:43 Photography

Two pipas in the picture , A vertical , A flat back .

Pipa is one of the most popular Yao Qin in ancient times , Yao Qin and her bosom friend have been praising Qin ( love ) thank ( Tilt ) The myth that bosom friend is not old for thousands of years .

Looking at the standing Pipa , Reminds me of Bai Juyi's 《 pipa 》 A few of them :

“ Come out , You cover your face with a lute . Three or two twists on the shaft , There is love before music . String string cover suppress sound think , It seems that I am not proud in my life . The letter with a low eyebrow continued to play , Say everything in your heart .”

Bai Juyi's expectations or requirements for himself , Or the ambition is very high , It also includes literary creation . In this poem , You can see that you express your inner feelings through very exquisite musical forms .

between the lines “ Spring pick ” Sound , Gently pluck the string at the bottom of people's heart .“ The shaft plucks two or three times ”, As Zhang Ailing said : The best part of the music is that ( Audition ),“ There is love before music ”, Because musicians are looking for the feeling of entering the music , Described by Bai Lao .“ String masking ” It is the depression of mood that turns into “ Sound thinking ”, Every sound has a special meaning , Just like the pipa standing in the picture playing music , Every note that comes out represents , It has such a sense of picture .

The most attractive sentence to read :“ The letter with a low eyebrow continued to play , Say everything in your heart ”. With his head down, he bounced at will, as if he were silently thinking about his mind ,“ Infinite things ” All in the sound of the piano . Bai Juyi is very good at turning his mood into a musical scene , Through the sad sound and sad life experience of the pipa girl silently plucking the strings , In fact, I want to express that I am belittled , Reduced to wandering , A depressed and sad situation , There is a feeling like it meets a bosom friend in the countryside .

Such as “ The silver bottle burst and the water burst ” Of “ Crack ” Break the silver bottle , The state of pulling in and out of a song , But it's like “ The warbler whispers and the flower glides at the bottom ” The attitude of the , This sentence feels a little complicated , The close call of a bird , It seems that some moss grows under the flowers . Quiet becomes a power , Slowly flowing sound , not much , if any . In the imagination, it seems that the pipa lying in the flowers in the picture makes a sound transmitted through the ground .

Pipa was called in ancient times “ Batch handle ”, It was renamed Pipa in the Wei and Jin Dynasties . Since the Sui and Tang Dynasties , From the palace band to folk singing, Pipa is indispensable , It was already a very popular musical instrument , From ordinary people to soldiers guarding the frontier fortress , The sound of Pipa is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people . wang changling 《 Join the army 》 Second, he said :

Pipa dance for a new sound , Always close mountains and leave feelings . I can't hear enough while stirring up trouble , The high autumn moon shines on the Great Wall .

The soldiers guarding the border from the army heard the sound of Pipa and enjoyed it , It also evokes the sadness of long farewell and nostalgia .

in addition , Speaking of Pipa , Maybe someone will think of loquat , Because the pipa is homonymous with the lucky fruit loquat ,《 presbyopic glasses 》 Description of loquat in : Loquat, a Luju , Be prepared for the four seasons , Regarded as the fruit of good luck . When mature, the trees are full of golden yellow, which means auspicious and detailed , In addition, the shape of loquat is similar to that of Pipa , There is a natural connection .

《 pipa 》 Meet a bosom friend through Pipa , To this day, we still think the sentences of a thousand years ago are so beautiful , Why is it beautiful , Because it has become the most moving thing in life . You'll think of the person you met for the first time , From strange to familiar , That's because fate makes people have a common tacit understanding of life .

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