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2021-09-01 21:58:23 Life journey

                  —— Continuous spring rain

do not know why , I especially like these two words .

Zhang ai-ling said “ Real maturity , Maybe I still like what I like , Just don't force it anymore ”.

Ripe ears of wheat are full , They keep their heads down , No “ Tired ”, But through the wind 、 sun 、 It's raining , Humbly bend down .

Mature people should be like ears of wheat , Experienced the ups and downs and ups and downs of life and become calm 、 humility 、 peace .

No matter to people 、 Accept things that cannot be changed , Optimistic to face , Not to escape .

For the first time , Relatives' houses are on sale , I was informed at the first time .

Because I told my relatives , If you sell a house , Tell me first .

Then I swore to myself , If one day they sell their house, I have to buy everything I say .

This is their wedding room , Lived for ten years .

Young people are hardworking , After my own efforts, I want to change a house .

The house is on the second floor , A few hundred square , The layout of the house is also what I like .

The north and the south are transparent , The south bedroom is bigger than the north bedroom , The bathroom is not big or small , And with a small window , That's why I like the house .

The greening of the community is also good , My heart is full of hope .

But ten years , For an ordinary family , Saving money to buy a house is a fantasy .

Children only work for a few years .

When relatives didn't make plans to sell their houses , The house is right there , cannot run away , I always feel that the future must be my own .

Buying a house is a big and good thing , Really want to buy a house , The process of suffering is long and painful .

Those days , It doesn't taste good 、 Don't sleep well .

But the real conditions are cruel in front of you , Don't allow .

If you remember, go to the front and back of that building , not reconciled to .

It's never time to really heal you , But understand .

I can't buy a house for ten years, although it hurts , But when you understand this truth , Letting go is the best way to get rid of .

Look down on , If you want to open it, it's easy .

Now I want to buy a low floor with more than 60 square meters , Lower the pressure , This high-rise child lives .

In life , Our family 、 friendship 、 So is love .

《 Old people of mountains and rivers 》 There is a line in it :

“ Everyone can only accompany you for a long time , It will be separated sooner or later , The best attitude for an adult to associate with others is , Do your , Then close and close ”.

Stop obsessing .

Life may have regrets , But life is still beautiful .

Growth is pushing away what you like .

Maturity is when you talk about what you have experienced , No more tears .

Even if you can't see the other side, you should row a broken oar in the sea of life , Humming , Go to your distance .

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