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The way of cooperation is a prescription to solve the problem of inferiority and transcendence

2021-09-01 21:58:32 Life journey

I finished reading this week 《 Inferiority and Transcendence 》.

If you choose a keyword for this book , I will use “ cooperation ”; If you ask me what I gained most from reading this book , I reply “ cooperation ”.

Inferiority is an outward manifestation , Transcendence is a breakthrough , Connecting the two , Can make a person get rid of inferiority complex , The way to surpass yourself is “ The way of cooperation ”.

Understand the inferiority complex , It's the right number to pulse ,“ cooperation ” That's the prescription .

《 Inferiority and Transcendence 》 This book follows from big to small , The writing method of first summarizing and then scoring ,“ The three facts of life 、 The meaning of life ” For the total , Others are divided into .

There is a catch phrase in the book :“ Our biggest problem and goal is : On the planet where we live , Working with our peers , To continue our lives and the lifeblood of mankind .”

let me put it another way , It is an objective fact that we cannot live without the earth , It is a mission to continue the lifeblood , Neither of these is transferred by personal will , Only cooperation , That's what an ordinary person can do , Actions that can be controlled by yourself .

01 The way of cooperation , Is the way to survive

There is a kind of bird in the world , And tigers are good friends , It always follows the tiger around . When the tiger opens its big mouth to rest , The bird flew into the tiger's mouth , Peck at the meat crumbs between your teeth , Become a tiger “ friend ”, So the bird has a name ---- Tiger Finch .

Tigers are very friendly to tiger finches , Never swallow it , And also deterred other animals , Dare not approach the tiger finch .

The tiger and the tiger finch depend on each other and cooperate , Both sides have benefited , Adapted to the cruel natural selection environment .

Human beings are not .

This summer , COVID-19 came back , Rampant makes everyone want to escape , But no one can be outside the earth , Find a space where you can breathe freely .

China has made great efforts to fight against epidemic diseases , Once set the people free for a period of time , But as long as there are cases in the world , There is the possibility of transmission , A link error , Will bring a series of diffuse .

Since the end of July , The outbreak of Zhuangzhuang epidemic , A list of people who are close to each other , All warned us : We live in contact with others .

What we can do , Is to be more united and cooperative , Let's give full play to human wisdom , Fight the virus .

As the book says : in any case , Struggle always goes on , But only those who cooperate can make a struggle full of hope and contribute a lot , To really enhance our common situation .

02 The way of cooperation , Is the way to a successful career

In the workplace , if “ Attend to each one's own duties , Each has his own responsibility ” Is a basic code of conduct , So if you want to do your work well ,“ Unity and cooperation ” essential .

《 The ideal city 》 It's a career hit , Hit the pain spot of many viewers , When the protagonist Su Xiao first became the manager of the business contract department , There are direct leaders to suppress , There are employees below who don't cooperate , Although I stay up late to catch up , Still can't finish the task on time .

Actually , One's strength is limited , Especially when completing large tasks , Without the help of colleagues , Division of labor without cooperation , No matter how good a person is, he can't make achievements .

Su Xiao's career path , Some bumps , She kept struggling , Constantly introduce new ideas , But at the same time, there are all kinds of troubles , There is still a lack of awareness of cooperation , In the TV play, she is only smart and strong , No, she took the initiative to communicate with her colleagues 、 People who disagree with her , Open up and talk about ideas , Seeking cooperation .

Boyfriend's uncle , It's her nemesis , Embarrass her everywhere , She is still tit for tat , What came out of her mouth , It makes sense , But she's too obsessed with right and wrong , Black and white , However, the way to solve things is not the only , Reconciliation and cooperation is also one of the methods .

The workplace has never been a person's stage , No matter how good an actor is , No workplace is never a person's stage , Don't always think of yourself as the protagonist. The workplace is never a person's stage , Don't always think of yourself as the protagonist .

Although Su Xiao is a character in a TV play , The workplace outside the TV series is not calm , In our career , There will be strong winds and waves , In front of the wind and waves , Whether we can survive , The spirit of cooperation must be a key factor .

《 Inferiority and Transcendence 》 say :

If we want to solve professional problems , We must occupy a place in the framework of human division of labor and cooperation , And give our strength to the interests of others .

03 The way of cooperation , The way to happiness in marriage

Somewhere in Germany , There is an old custom , It can be used to test whether an unmarried couple is suitable for marriage .

Before the wedding ceremony , The bride and groom were taken to the square , There is a big tree cut down , They want to share a saw , Saw the tree in two .

If they don't know how to cooperate , The task will accomplish nothing ; If one of them tries hard , One party does not participate in , You'll get half the result with twice the effort ; If they are aggressive , Force to one place , Use it in one place , Those two people are a perfect match .

The little game shows the big truth , German farmers have long known what the first condition of marriage is , In fact, since ancient times , From abroad to home , The way of cooperation is an important factor in a stable and happy marriage .

Qian Xuesen and Jiang Ying are examples of such marriage .

The time they lived , It's a time of chaos , Qian Xuesen wants to return home , Under house arrest in the United States , Jiang Ying accompanied him 5 year , Together to find a way to avoid the surveillance of American spies .

After returning , Qian Xuesen studies missiles 30 year , Under great scientific research pressure , Jiang Ying used music to relieve his boredom , Open your mind .

Qian Xuesen once said gratefully :“ It's Jiang Ying's edification of my art , Just let me avoid thinking about problems , Can be faster 、 Live a little more .”

The couple support each other , Mutual achievement , Qian Xuesen won the Merit Medal of two bombs and one star , Jiang Ying has also become China's most outstanding female vocal educator and a world-renowned soprano .

Their story confirms 《 Inferiority and Transcendence 》 This sentence in :“ Love and marriage are both sides of cooperation , This cooperation is not only for the happiness of two people , But also for the benefit of mankind .”

At the end

《 Inferiority and Transcendence 》 It is the pinnacle of Adler, the founder of individual psychology , since 1932 After its first publication in , Sell well all over the world 80 years .

This book discusses the formation of inferiority complex and its impact on individuals , And how to turn the sense of inferiority into the pursuit of superiority , and “ The way of cooperation ” Is scattered in the book , Throughout , A prescription for treating all kinds of inferiority problems .

Thank you for reading , I'm grid .

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