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2021-09-01 22:01:27 Photography

Xiao Nan is an ordinary office worker , Recently, a smiling face has always appeared in front of her , To be exact , It's two round eyes and a big mouth with snow-white teeth , The smiling face first looked at her with a smile , Then the corners of the mouth gradually turn up , Eyes slowly bend , Show a happy smile , Then slowly disappear .

She's not afraid , Not even surprised , This smiling face is not the first time , I don't know when to start , Smiling faces will appear when she doesn't notice , Staring at her with a silent smile .

At first she was always scared to scream , Nerves are highly nervous all day , Emotional restlessness .

She really made a lot of mistakes during that time , Working , Life , Not only was the boss scolded bloody several times , Her boyfriend who had been together for many years left her because she was paranoid .

At that time , The only thing left with her was this strange smiling face , Xiao Nan is getting used to its existence , Even began to explore the laws and reasons for its emergence .

Slowly, , She found that , Smiling faces always appear after her mistakes , And in that cartoon exaggerated smile , Full of positive energy of happiness and happiness , With a strong appeal .

She seems to have realized something , No longer complain about your bad luck , Always face everything with a smile , Strange to say , In this way , She really seldom makes mistakes again , The boss praised her several times , My boyfriend also offered to apologize , Work and life are on the right track .

“ It's really rare these days !” She smiled at the sudden smiling face and said ,“ thank you very much , Accompany me in my unlucky days , Inspired me !”

Listen to her , The smiling face can't help being moved ,“ I just love to see people unlucky ! You've been so lucky lately , I'm bored to death !”

The more the smiling face says, the more angry it is , Suddenly bit off her arm , Looking at her face twisted with amazement and pain , Its bloody mouth finally bent upward again .

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