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Stand at the entrance of Baiwei lane and stare at the alley that can be seen to the end , Some people say it is more and more like an island in the city , Isolated from the mainland by the ocean of the times , Clotheslines full of women's underwear are interspersed between houses in the alley , Several courtship birds landed on the clothesline , Make a chirping sound , It's like a fragrant signal , It's also like a call to the night . Only those who know the secrets of the city know that Baiwei Lane wakes up at night , When the tacky Fuchsia neon lights come on , The scantily dressed women began to walk out of the house . Xiangyue hotel is located in the corner of Baiwei lane , The old signboards and mottled walls make it continue the unified style of Baiwei lane houses , There are some pictures posted on the wall 90 Portrait of actress in the S , Their flaming red lips are not affected by the already yellowing photos , It still looks bright and moving , It reminds people that they can't come back 90 The age and the glory of the old city .

The business of Xiangyue Hotel rises and falls with the rise and fall of Baiwei Lane . Tan song hung the signboard of Xiangyue hotel for the first time , Opening two opposite wooden doors was in the early 1990s , Then the two wooden doors remained open until 21 century , Fade away in time . Tan song sometimes forgets his original intention to settle down in Baiwei Lane , Only those who know the secrets of the city will tell you the secret past of Baiwei lane as a snack street , Tell you their vague impression of Xiangyue hotel at that time .

21 An ordinary morning in the th century , A half bald middle-aged man came out of Xiangyue Hotel , He saw a woman wearing a camel windbreaker appear at the entrance of Baiwei Lane , After looking around, I eagerly walked into the alley , The woman's high top Martin boots are on the ground , The crisp sound echoed in the quiet alley in the morning . If men were not grieving about the disappearance of the beautiful girl who slept last night this morning , He should have been surprised . Baiwei Lane wakes up at night and dies by day , Who would walk into the dilapidated and decadent Baiwei Lane in the daytime ? He saw a woman stop in front of a clothesline with black underwear , Then he approached Xiangyue Hotel . The man uttered a contemptuous smile , On the stone steps in front of the hotel, I put out half of my cigarette , He trimmed his clothes , Pass by the oncoming woman .

When a woman walks into Xiangyue Hotel , Tan song is cleaning the room after the middle-aged man left , He knelt on the ground , Use ten fingers together , Smoothed out the messy sheets with residual temperature in the bed .

Where is he ? Who can let him come out to see me ? Who can tell me where he is ? The woman stood at the counter , While tapping the bell on the counter , Shouting at the same time .

The noise made Tan song surprised and impatient , He is sleepy , This made him regret the habit he had developed over the years of cleaning his room first and then closing . Tan song went to the counter , Throw a rag in front of a woman , who are you asking for? ? I just saw off my last guest , There won't be anyone you're looking for .

Wei Qing , The person I'm looking for is Wei Qing , Some people say they saw him come here . The woman noticed the register half hidden under Tan song's arm , She pointed to the register , say , I'd like to see that register , I think Wei Qing's name is on it .

Tan song has no idea of entanglement with this uninvited guest , He took out the register and threw it in front of the woman . You nagging woman , Find your damn Wei Qing quickly , And get out of here , Tan song thought .

Women take off their leather gloves , Turn that register over and over , Do you have any other registers ? There is no name of Wei Qing on it , There should be no name of Wei Qing on it . The anxiety and inconceivability on a woman's face , She tapped her finger on the counter , A look of crying .

Maybe he hasn't been here at all , You can look elsewhere . Tan song concealed the fact that some guests didn't register , Took the register out of the woman's hand , I'm already sleepy , I want to close the door and rest .

Let me tell you what he looks like , Think about it again . He wears a pair of glasses without frames , Hair wax is very thick . He likes to wear shirts and jeans , The two buttons at the top of the shirt are always untied . Oh, my God ! Don't look at his gentle appearance , In fact, he is a waste , He's a coward , I haven't seen him for a long time , How could he hide from me like this ……

I have never seen such a person , Tan song interrupted the woman's nagging complaints , Even if I met you, I won't remember , Because many people come here at night . Why don't you come over at night , I said I was sleepy , I want to close the door and rest .

The woman looked at the hotel , Finally, his eyes fell on the shelf behind Tan song , There is a neat row of condoms . He must take good care of your business , The woman said slightly sarcastically , Then he turned and walked out of Xiangyue Hotel .

Tan song locked the hotel door from the inside , When he pulled up the curtain to cover the two glasses on the door , I could vaguely hear the footsteps of women , He thought it was the woman who stopped and looked back . Tan song knows that women will come back .

Tan song walks into his room , He is lying on the bed , Sadly, I found myself completely sleepless , So tan song began to think about the appearance of Wei Qing described by women : One with rimless glasses , Hair waxed , A man in a shirt and jeans .

Tan song remembers that such a man left a deep impression on him on a snowy night , That was about a few years or months ago —— The difference between year and month is no longer clear here —— Such a man walked into Xiangyue hotel at midnight with a young girl in his arms . Tan song still remembers the cautious and skillful look when the man handed him his ID card , And the green astringency of young girls that can't be covered by heavy makeup .

Men come out before dawn , He left as neatly dressed as he had come , He looked so calm that Tan song thought he would be back soon , So tan song didn't stop the man to ask for the room fee . The girl came out sobbing not long ago , Her clothes were torn into a mess , The delicate makeup is dizzy with tears , Paste it on your face and spend it in a piece . The girl dragged Tan song's clothes and cried about the man's atrocities , He hit her , And took her purse , Why is a man like that such a beast in clothes .

Winter is particularly desolate because of the girl's crying , Tan Song said , Anyway, he left his ID card , I can call the police for you .

The girl dried her tears and said , Where to call the police for such a thing ? How did you forget my identity ? I just want someone to talk about , I feel better to say it .

Tan song got up from bed , Go to the counter , He found that the woman had just taken off the pair of leather gloves and left them on the counter , Lying quietly on the old register . Tan song looked at the leather gloves and the register , Think of the slender fingers of a woman when she turns over the register , Her fingernails were not painted with gorgeous nail polish , Both hands were used to turn over the register . In front of Tan song's eyes, there were two rough hands who smoothed a bed sheet , In this way, the four hands in the field of vision have a certain coincidence . Little by little , Tan song's hand turned over , Press a woman's slender and beautiful hand under the palm of her hand .

When I came back to myself , Tan song noticed that his hands were tightly clutching the leather gloves left by the woman . He couldn't help but make an action that surprised him in his later memory , He held up the pair of leather gloves , He buried half his face and took a deep breath .

Tan song was intoxicated by the residual aroma on the leather gloves , He staggered to the bathroom , Pour a handful of water on your face , Hold the sink and look in the mirror , I found iron blue stubble around my mouth, which can't remove clean stubble . In this 21 The ordinary morning of the century , Tan song realized that he was still alone but no longer young .

To tan song's deep surprise , It was late at night two months later that women appeared again , She walked through the neon lights into the Xiangyue Hotel , This time she didn't wear the camel windbreaker and the high top Martin boots , But Tan song recognized her at a glance .

Here are your gloves , You left here two months ago , Tan song picked up the gloves from the counter and said , He was nervous and excited , His voice trembled slightly .

The woman looked at Tan song in surprise , I think you must have remembered wrong , I lost a pair of leather gloves like this , But I've never been here . You may recognize the wrong person , Someone else must have left it .

What's up? ? A man's voice came in from the door of the hotel , Then came a man wearing rimless glasses 、 Hair waxed 、 A man in a shirt and jeans . He went behind the woman , A hand naturally rests on a woman's shoulder , What is going on? ? dear .

Nothing , dear , Tan song saw the woman's slender hand touching the man's hand on her shoulder , This complicates Tan song's mood . The woman said , Aren't we going to open a room ? Let's hurry up and ask the boss to open a room for us .

The woman said , Hand in your id , Tan song's mood became simple in an instant , Another thought soon came to him . Tan song put down the leather gloves in his hand , Reach out and pick up the woman's id . When he took the certificate and was about to stagger with the woman's hand , Tan song scratched the woman's palm quickly and hard with his index finger .

Looks like you found , A meaningful smile appeared on Tan song's face . Then he opened the register , Lower your head and register carefully , Then the story ends .

( End , Thank you for reading )


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