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2021-09-01 22:12:42 Literary frequency modulation

Watch a play, watch a movie , My big joy . For everyone , As usual as eating and having sex .

At that time , I love Korean dramas , Especially movies have been going on for a long time . If you trace the source , Think of it. 《 Sweet life 》. Li Bingxian wears a black suit , Figure and appearance , SA has no friends . From the rainy night , Climb out of the mud pit buried by the guild members , Absolutely cold-blooded like a vengeful beast , A counter attack was carried out and there was no way back . There's more 《 The eraser in my head 》. Men and women meet for the first time , Sun Yizhen took Zheng Yusheng's drink by mistake , Look at the collision at the door of the convenience store , Then sun “ Bang, ” Open the pull ring , He poured two mouthfuls , A crunchy burp , Grandma's , It makes my stomach turn .《 Winter love song 》 In vernacular , Cui Zhiyou's neat short hair , The vortex marks of a frown and a smile , Especially when I met Pei Yongjun again, the star eye was sad , The scene of wiping the spoon at a loss , It makes a person floating in my dream for a long time . The car has a flat tire , Flowers bloom when they see them ,《 The parasite 》 Zhongwu road practitioners sharpen their swords for ten years , Bitter cold and self fragrant . Romantic films are pure 、 The police and bandits are cruel 、 Political films are gloomy 、 The charm of ethical films . The characteristics of Korean film and television , Can hold the heart .

Culture is sowing seeds in the soil , watering 、 Weed , Sincerely and tirelessly serve , Will open branches and leaves , Spread everywhere . before , Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries draw calories from Chinese culture 、 protein , Today, , Their improved and self created culture is also feeding us back one by one . For a long time , I indulge in Hayao Miyazaki's comic world , Looking for aftertaste of childlike innocence . Yes, Tibetan Bodhisattva , Stone lamp , And tempura 、 sukiyaki , Japanese garden landscape , The tea art of thousands of benefits has been thought of . Beautiful country , The country is not long , Culture has a strong output . Nike 、 Jordan ,NBA, KFC 、 Coca Cola , harvard 、 From MIT to starlit Hollywood . My tongue , It's all a dog's tail . Just a few days ago , The United States has restarted its foreign student access policy towards China , And the Beijing airport is full of students who go abroad to study . This batch , Most people finish their studies , Take root in that land , marry and settle down , Make money with wisdom , Add bricks and tiles with sweat .

Look back at Korea , A country cut in half , From kimchi 、 traditional Chinese rice-pudding 、 Even papermaking , Strive to register cultural heritage for their own use . In this era , The prosperity of film and television culture industry gathers thousands of favorites , Export earned foreign exchange , It can also make the cultural style of a country truly complete in the front , Why not . The abundance of cultural blood will enhance the national image , Enrich the details of economic development .

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