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[poetry] Praise poplar

2021-09-01 22:13:01 Literary frequency modulation

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It's a clear autumn

The poplar tree raised its bright smiling face

Yesterday's autumn rain played an autumn rhyme

Beating the lush poplar

He tried to store the past

Engrave the beautiful memory in your heart

His children began to complain

I hope the branches and leaves will always be young

Poplar slightly narrowed eyelids

Looking up at the floating clouds

I'm glad I have deep roots and luxuriant leaves

Harvest the extraordinary grace of the four seasons

It's a gray autumn

The luxuriant branches and leaves of poplar are gradually decreasing

It is said that it will snow tomorrow

His children were sad

I don't like ice and snow covering my limbs

The worm's plot soon succeeded

Poplars peel away the truth in the ice and snow

Alliance with the wind to shake the insects into the winter

Drive out the insects with truth

Strong poplars in the wind and snow

How loud their songs are

Waste heat is original


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