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Lovelorn crisis

2021-09-01 22:15:11 Photography

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I believe everyone will see and hear like this more or less : After leaving each other , Sleep hard , lie awake all night ……

What is more , Lovelorn men and women , It is common to take extreme ways to hurt yourself or the other party ……

Love is a process that everyone will experience , And lovelorn , It's just a common ending in most love .

Love is sometimes confusing , But the truth of life is : Everyone needs to know love in love , Experience failure in failure , Learn to live in life .

01 There is no need to forget everything in the past .

A relationship , Whether it's long or short , Or the edge is deep and the edge is shallow , I believe it will be a precious memory in everyone's heart .

A relationship can be like a spring breeze , It may also be devastated , But become the past , But it is the ultimate fate of most feelings , This is the reincarnation of love , It is also the choice of life .

A friend had a relationship for two years . A whole month after the breakup , She doesn't think about tea and rice , Tossing and turning all night , Wash your face with tears every day . Xiangxiang lost more than ten kilograms that month , Cut your cheeks , Deep socket .

" I don't know what to do …… All that emerges is and his past , Although there was anger and anger , But more still feel guilty and reluctant ……" She said reluctantly .

" Whenever I want to forget everything about him in my mind , I find it counterproductive , Regret for him will only come to mind more and more , The longing for her will only grow stronger ……" Whenever she finishes , The blush on the rim of the eye deepened .

In fact, her ideas coincide with many lovelorn men and women , I think that only by deleting all the fragments about each other in my memory , Pretend that the other party has never been to his own world , Will not always be in the emotional vortex of painful struggle after losing each other .

But unfortunately : There is no Mengpo soup in the world , There is no worry grass .

What happened has happened , Past is past , It will in a unique way , Stay in a corner of our hearts , This is a fact we have to face . And cause what we can't calm down for a long time , It's probably the hesitation and hesitation of feelings .

The moon has rain or shine phases , Love has joys and sorrows . Since you can't completely forget your old feelings , Why not face all the unbearable , Try to put it down ; The good memories of the past belong to each other , All carefully collected ?

Actually , There is no need to deliberately erase all the memories about each other , We can't format all the stored content like a computer , But we can be masters of our emotions , Let the crying self return to smile , Spend every day happily , Let the melancholy self regain innocence , Face life optimistically .

Forget those painful memories , Treasure the sweet and happy moments in the aftertaste , This is the greatest respect for a relationship .


02 Life goes on , Don't forget to improve yourself .

I like movies very much 《 Like you, 》 A word said by Takeshi Nakai : Actually, I don't feel much , Anyway, in this world , No one can be with anyone all the time , I don't really need .

Love is like this , No one has to do it for anyone , No one can't do without anyone . Birth, aging, illness and death are the norm of life , No one can disobey nature , No one can accompany anyone through this life .

A friend had a bond , I want to stick together 24 hours a day , Enjoy the beautiful and short time in front of you . She did it for each other , You can give up everything you sacrifice a lot .

How wonderful it is to be together , How painful it is to break up . After being lovelorn, she never recovered , Not interested in anything , Like a Buddhist girl , All day long , to be in deep anxiety day seems like a year .

She told me. :" It feels like after breaking up , My world suddenly fell into darkness , No matter what I do, I can't see the light ."

Once I felt the same way as her , Take love as everything in life . Later, I gradually woke up : A fool who regards love as everything , Sooner or later, I will taste the pain of love , Also destined not to get happy love .

A train , On the way to the destination, you will pass through many magnificent scenery , And what's the view of the next stop , It's all unknowns . So is love , It is just a beautiful scenery on the road of life , But if you are confused by this scenery , hang back , Then you will miss more unknown and novel scenery ……

Many men and women in love are like this , Stop for love , Just want to enjoy the comfort in front of you , And forget to improve yourself , Ignoring that the future road is full of unknown risks and challenges ……

Why not under this beautiful scenery , While enjoying the beautiful scenery , Pick up your bags , be fully equipped for , To fully meet the adventures and challenges of the next stop ?

Don't be a slave to love , Be the master of love . Many people give up everything for love , But the earth turns without you , Life goes on without love .

A good relationship , Not indulge in the illusion in front of you , It's about recognizing the reality , Walk hand in hand with each other , While living well , Love each other well .

When you're tired , Just stop and accept the comfort of love , But don't forget to enjoy love at the same time , Enrich your life every day , Try to improve yourself , Strive to be better , In order to better forge ahead .


03 Face failure , Be brave to love the next person .

There are thousands of couples in the world , There are thousands of feelings . Maybe right now , Someone is hugging passionately , And someone is crying …… The failure of the last relationship , It doesn't mean that , In the next relationship , Can only act as a loser .

Before we meet love , Always eager for love without hesitation , Believe in love , And when true love comes , But we often don't know how to love . therefore , The fragile mind is hurt , Begin to close yourself in blood and tears , And dare not open your heart to embrace the next worthy person .

I used to love a girl very much , Before you get along with her , I even think she has to , So I began to devote myself to this relationship .

Unfortunately , At that time, I didn't know how to love someone , How to manage this relationship , And dream of perfect love , So in the disillusionment again and again , Under self harm again and again , This relationship finally came to an end .

After leaving her , I once thought I was born to be a spectator in my feelings . Even if there are many opportunities later , I always deny myself first , Lost the courage to try a new relationship , Feel unworthy of love , You shouldn't love .

But in fact, love is a very beautiful thing , Let's learn from the pain , It's not the deep feeling that has been rolling and surging in my heart , It's based on the frustration of a previous relationship , Fear of getting hurt again , So wandering in advance and retreat , There is no progress between giving and keeping .

Until I met a girl , She has been encouraging me , Comfort me , Let me summon up the courage and confidence to love again , To start a new relationship . Of course , She has also lived up to my efforts and sincerity , In getting along with her , I gradually found myself , Recalled the original appearance of love .

No relationship in the world is perfect , Just like prince charming doesn't necessarily meet a princess , Even if you meet , There may not be a fairy tale happy ending , This is what feelings really look like .

We can't completely deny the unknown because of the frustration of a relationship , Don't always use past experience to guess the next emotion . Have the courage to face the feelings of failure , Reflect on the reasons for the separation , Pick up the confidence and courage when you first met love , Have the courage to break through external constraints and self shackles , You will meet true love .

Face disappointment , Not afraid of failure , Be a brave man in love , Be brave to love the next person !

The umbrella

04 Lovelorn and lovelorn again

Most people have experienced emotional failure , But it's painful , It's not emotional frustration , But blinded by love , worry about troubles of one 's own imagining , Look down on the original appearance of love , So I gradually lost my way , Can't find the first true self ……

After being lovelorn , I hope you can say this : When I met you , I am the best of me . May you be pure and kind , A sincere heart , Not forget for a moment , There must be an echo , Will eventually harvest their own perfect love .

( End )

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