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Forgotten self-esteem

2021-09-01 22:21:30 Photography

Every time , I can only listen to your accusations ,

You can't give a word of excuse .

What do you say I am ,

I have to be something !

And you have to show that you're all ears ,

If not ,

You can compare me to an idiot and a psychopath .

You just want to see the expression I admit ,

But I don't want to see my rebellious expression ,

And I can't hear my explanation .

You can all give orders to me ,

And I can only be silent .

Every time I give you the best ,

feel at ease and justified 、 Be worthy of it ,

It's your response to me ……

Actually, I'm not a puppet ,

But I can only pretend to have no thoughts .

That's the only way , To be able to live in peace ……

I have to think about anyone's feelings ,

Anyone can ignore my feelings ……

In fact, you all forget that I still have self-esteem !!!

But my self-esteem is forgotten by you

Just in the corner ……

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