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How to improve work efficiency

2021-09-01 22:22:02 Life journey

Today we talk about how to improve the efficiency of doing things , From years of work experience , And consult experts in various fields , A common mental method is —— Do less , Focus on the most important things .

Why can less work improve work efficiency ?

Mr. Wu Jun summed up his mental method of doing things in one sentence ; People have to pick gold all their life , Don't filter the sand .

There are two ways of panning for gold : The first is to spread the gold sand on the ground , Pick out the glittering gold particles in the sun . Another way is to filter out the sand , The rest is naturally gold . In theory , You can say that panning out gold and filtering out sand are actually the same thing .

The disadvantage of the first method is that it is not difficult to pick out several large gold , But many tiny sands may not be found , Wasted . therefore , Gold miners are more likely to choose the second method , Filter out the sand , Leave the gold .

Gold panning and sand filtering symbolize two different ways of doing things . In the life , use “ Filter sand ” Most people do things in a way . However , People who do great things , Almost always use the first way of doing things .

Obviously, the first method may miss the gold , But why do you do this ? Because it involves life goals and costs .

Mr. Wu Jun wrote in the first quarter of Silicon Valley , Expressed such a view :

For unreliable people , Don't give a second chance , This is actually the most important strategy to improve efficiency in one's life .

actually , It's not just about doing things , Being a person and communicating with others are the same truth . People live a good life , In fact, you don't need to identify all the good people you meet in your life , Just find a few really good people . It's like looking for gold , We can find some big Sands , Don't take the time to do unnecessary identification . We are not looking for the proportion of gold , Instead, we should pursue to pick out the most gold per unit time .

The efficiency of making friends is actually the number of good teachers and friends you make all your life , Divided by the time you spend meeting these people .

Mr. Wu Jun said , To be more efficient , One point is to make your filtering mechanism more effective , Especially the first filter , The standard can be set higher . As mentioned earlier “ Don't give unreliable people a second chance ”, That's what it means .

Maybe some people don't agree with this view , Think you'll lose someone who could have been a friend . What if the person who is denied is actually a good friend , What if the person I forgive becomes my friend later , In case …, All in all , There are many in case .

But have you ever thought about it , Why should we bet on that in case ? Once one thinks of the word "what if..." , Use these two words to guide your actions , That's like what we said earlier , Pick up every grain of sand and look at it carefully when panning for gold . To do so , Of course, efficiency will become very low .

Mr. Wu Jun reminded us , There are three things that cannot be confused .

The first thing , It's the probability of finding talents and heroes from the vast crowd .

The second thing , Is the accuracy of identifying a person as a good person or a bad person .

The third thing , We need to make friends with some people who walk the path of life with us .

The first thing is what Bole wants to do , It's not what we worry about . Gold miners should not miss the slightest bit of gold in the ore , But we don't have to make friends .

The second thing is the work of judges . We are actually not qualified to judge a person's good or bad , So you don't have to bother to investigate everyone you meet , Make a judgment .

The third thing we should care about .

Some people feel , Don't give people a second chance , Will feel guilty , It doesn't have to be . Those who don't get a second chance from you , It doesn't make them miserable just because you don't have a choice . They have their lives , Maybe this miss will bring them a new fate , Even let them meet the noble people they hit . Don't think we can save everyone , That's God's business , It's not about you or me . Instead of spending our feelings on uncertain people , It's better to take good care of the people around you .

If one person is with many people , But I'm a casual friend of everyone , The effect of communication is almost zero , No matter how many people there are . in addition , Dealing with reliable people , We will spend less time and energy to achieve the same goal , It will be more efficient .

Save time in dealing with people , We can spend more time on other things to do . Mr. Wu Jun uses a formula to express the efficiency of doing things :

The efficiency of doing things = The number of things done × The influence of things / life

Some people do one thing in their life , Like German Gutenberg , He invented movable type printing in Europe , And market it . There's only one thing , But its influence is very big , So we can say that Gutenberg is very efficient . In turn, , There is a Japanese named Nakasone yiro , He claims to be “ King of invention ”, Say you have 3200 Inventions , But we can't find any of his inventions that had an important impact on the world , Therefore, his efficiency is far from that of Gutenberg, who only does one thing .

Even if you don't consider the impact after the event , Talk about efficiency , There was a premise that To get things done .

If you want to get things done 、 do , In addition to the corresponding time and energy , It is more important to choose those who are ripe 、 What can be done , And things that are expected to have an impact when completed . in other words , Decided to start doing something , You also need to make a good choice , You can't do everything . This is the same reason as making good teachers and friends . Our lives are limited , The correct way is always to pick up gold directly from the sand , Instead of trying to pick out every grain of gold in the sand .

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