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September 23, 2019

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        We all know that maternal love is very great . Poet Ai Qing wrote a poem praising maternal love in prison 、 A poem with deep feelings 《 Dayan River —— My nanny 》

        The poet's milk from the snack Dayan river is too long , Dayanhe regards him as his own , Love him more than your own son . To raise them , Dayanhe undertakes heavy housework . The husband beat and scolded himself , She not only has to endure the pain , And take on heavy housework without complaining . I raised my son through hardships , When he grows up, he will return to his biological parents . He loved his son so much that he had to send him away , Dayanhe also had a dream , In the dream, she ate the wedding wine of milk , Sitting in the hall with brilliant colors , The beautiful daughter-in-law called her “ Mother-in-law ” And these can only be a dream . Dayanhe was before her baby grew up and got married , He died . The baby she raised hard can't see her last side , She could only leave in tears .

Dayanhe, my nanny

        This poem recalls her nursing mother , Praises the hardworking and kind-hearted quality of Dayanhe, a poor woman , Describes her tragic fate , Expressed the memory of the nursing mother 、 Gratitude and praise , It aroused people's sympathy for the miserable fate of working women in old China , Exposed “ An unfair world ”, It expresses the poet's strong feelings of love and hate .

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