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Chishui forest secret place

2021-09-01 22:26:48 Photography

      The famous summer paradise 、 The land of longevity —— Guizhou Chishui Swan Fort Forest Park , It is located in the high mountain area on the southern edge of Sichuan Basin . The altitude of the flat dam on the mountain here is 1320 meters .

        Live on the top of the mountain , Just a few steps out of the door to the forest trail . Due to the continuous rain and the end of the summer vacation , Thousands of old people from Chengdu and Chongqing came here for summer vacation 、 Children have returned to their respective cities . The trail in the forest is no longer noisy in the past , Now it's inaccessible .

        however , I still want to stay for a few more days . Be quiet , Be in a daze , Slowly empty the worldly things . Take oxygen , Wash your lungs , Cultivate one's self and character well .

        Let's go into the forest , See what you can find and gain today . Birds sing in the woods , Intoxicating . Sunny or cloudy , Walk briskly in the shade of trees or bamboo forests , It's a pleasant thing . walking , You may find something new . There are unknown shrubs on the roadside 、 Wild flowers and weeds , There are even Alpine orchids . In the jungle , There's something so bright ? Go in and have a look , It turned out to be a new fungus on a dead tree , It's blooming and full of vitality .

        The diameter at breast height of the tree is about 40 centimeter , The trunk is about 15 rice . Knock on the trunk , The wood is still dense and hard , It has not completely decayed . In alpine regions , Trees may take hundreds of years to grow so tall . Unfortunately, I don't know its name . Imagine that , It also had luxuriant branches and leaves , Also held up a sky , It's a paradise for birds . I don't know how much wind, frost, rain and snow I've experienced , Now it has only broken arms and branches . Just stand in the woods , I don't know how many years it died , I don't know how long I can stand . It is not as tenacious as Populus euphratica in the desert , Can be a legend . Live a thousand years , Die for a thousand years , It will last for a thousand years . The temperature here is low , There is a long rainy season from autumn to spring , Trees grow slowly , But the rate of decline and replacement did not slow down . You look at , Dense vines twined up , The green moss is climbing up , Plump ears also grow rapidly after autumn rain …… Occasionally, birds passing by from here can stop there for a while , You can even catch a few insects by the way . Maybe it won't be many years , This tree will complete its historical mission , Lie down completely and become a little ant 、 A shelter for small insects ; Finally, it turns into dust and nutrients , Nourish this woodland . Whether it's glory or wither , Or stand or lie , In the biological chain of this forest , This tree has the significance of its existence or extinction .

        Let me pick the precious gifts from nature ……

        Move on , A big tree on the side of the road has long withered and has tilted seriously . The trunk is covered with moss , Attached to it are many tiny fungus .

        Go on , On the hillside, there is another dead tree in the forest . The branches are transverse and oblique , Covered with moss . There are many ears dormant on the trunk , Dense mature to be picked .

        Actually , There are many secrets hidden in this forest , There are many wonderful things . Only we don't put impetuosity 、 Put away your anxiety and even fear , Failed to calm down , Take a step , open one 's eyes , Stretch out your industrious and dexterous hands to create and harvest your own beautiful days !

        friend , Welcome to come here for summer vacation next year 、 recuperate and build up strength ! Summer and Autumn , If you wander in the scenery of lakes and mountains , Take the mountain road in the countryside outside the world , Listen to birds singing , View the sea of clouds , Wait for the flowers to bloom and fade , Sit and watch the sunrise and sunset , Eat fresh bamboo shoots 、 Auricularia auricula 、 Native pork 、 Cold water fish and all kinds of farm dishes …… Life can be so comfortable !

        Of course , I am here , You are more welcome to explore in the forest ……


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