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2021-09-01 22:28:39 Photography

      There must be many people in the world ; Willing to be a lonely person , Refuse all communication , Refuse everyone's company , In addition to trying , Positive work ; In order to survive , I don't like having friends , Don't like too much interruptions , I don't like too many parties .

      When you're hungry, go find food , When you are bored, you will find food to eat , have no contact with anyone , If you want to go there, pack up immediately , Don't do it for others , Or wait for others , Let people wait. Don't worry about getting along with others. Others don't like it, but I like to make do with others , Don't think about anything else . As long as I'm good , I don't care what others do , No need to see , Or related to , I like to be free , free , An undisturbed and clean life , Do whatever you want to do , Don't be disturbed , Don't like to talk about work or everything you meet. Don't say one thing is the best .

    Today's work is not going well , After work, I have known my wechat friends for nearly several years , have seen 2 Talk to ordinary friends about their experiences , Since others say I'm always like a child , I don't think I'm smart and small . Everyone in the world has , Too many such cases , No one wants to know what happened to us , No one can experience , Even if others experience it with us , Everyone feels different , So adults who are not easy can only slowly cure themselves , The wound healed and then cracked , There is a cure to recovery , Think less about having friends to share , Someone confessed to justify their problems , Only slowly digest and slowly heal , Slowly heal . It's no use relying on anyone , Only raise your level , Practice your inner strength , Exercise yourself hard and indestructible , All poisons are inviolable . Become a giant , The master of life ,, To dominate your life and your destiny , Don't be hit , Keep trying , Improve yourself , Practice yourself , We can do it .

    Every day except work , Work is for life , Existence , But don't pay too much attention to , There is no job to find , Without a job, continue to look for , Failure is not terrible , It's terrible to be depressed after being hit by life , Since then, he has been willing to degenerate . It doesn't matter if you're wrong , Man is not a saint , To err is human. . Just correct it . Love should not be too persistent , Too much value , Originally, everyone was just walking with himself , Just like we do buses , Everyone has their own journey , Everyone is pursuing a different life , Different roads have been divided , Some people will leave us and go out to pursue their lives , We can't change , Can't keep , He's him , I am I , We always run in the opposite direction , Live a different life . What we should do is , When they accompany us ; We cherish , Good company , When he was about to leave , We also smiled and let them go , Fade out of our sight until it disappears in our impression . Time can lighten all the pain , All the troubles , All characters and things . Don't be too sensitive , It's not good for me , Hypersensitivity , Affect your mind , Influence your thinking , Influence your behavior . Don't glass heart , The person who hurts the most is himself , Glass heart will destroy all beauty , Every day that used to be very stable , Adults should learn to manage their emotions , Learn to control your behavior , Learn to properly excrete your negative thoughts .

    Everything can start from scratch , The world is beautiful , The zero start is very beautiful , Zero is to start over , Zero is new , New life is full of infinite possibilities . Always keep a positive attitude , Improve your ability to be unaffected , Set a goal and rush forward , Exercise for half an hour every day , Typing for half an hour every day , Listen to wechat for half an hour every day , Improve your ability to work for half an hour every day , Think about the nature of your work , Sum up your work experience , Own experience and truth , Spend half an hour practicing calligraphy every day , Spend half an hour learning to sing half a song . Learn something for half an hour every day . Knowledge and skills ( Like documents , Presentation skills , Lecture skills , pinyin , form , A sport . The main points of knowledge of Chinese , The main points of Mathematics , Card brush question . etc. ) If you have a plan, you can implement it. Act now , Move at once , And stick with it , One day I will thank myself for working hard today .

      Treat with an ordinary mind , What problems does life give us , We should all be brave to solve , Well handled . Nothing will be unacceptable when you get used to it , Always numb all the problems , All the bad things , Try it out , Be careful to deal with , Seize the opportunity steadily . Strive to improve yourself , Others are floating clouds , What others do has nothing to do with us , How you are is very important , Always pay attention to yourself , Always improve yourself , Always remind , As long as you work hard, you can surpass your dreams , Realize the ideal . Eat what others can't eat , To enjoy life that others can't enjoy . Anyway, don't stop pursuing , Don't stop lifting , Don't stop being strong , Don't do nothing , Don't accomplish nothing , Don't give up on yourself . come on. ! You are the best , I can surpass everyone , I can certainly realize my dream life , Change your life .

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