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A closed door is a deep mountain

2021-09-01 22:28:43 Life journey

Closing the door is the deep mountain , Original excerpt from 《 Little window · Spirit gathering chapter 》.

Close the door , Keep your mind from being polluted by the world , Like living in the mountains .

There can be many doors , Cover it gently , Only the heart door is very difficult .

People who lose their heart are busy .

It's hard to get close to your real self when you're busy .

There is a wood in leisure , Leisure initially refers to the threshold ,“ Leisure ” Refers to the gap in the door , It also extends the meaning of space and leisure . later “ Leisure ” a “ Leisure ” Short for , And the change time is earlier , It means leisure in time .

Leisure is to cover a door for yourself . Inside the door is a world of one's own .

Leaving blank is an art , In the world, you should learn to enjoy “ Leisure ” The charm of .

From June to early August this year , Isolated from mobile phones for more than two months , Live your life quietly .

I really live in my own world .

I have more time to take care of my heart than in the past , Reflect on the past , Time mottled , Light and shadow go back , Filter from impetuosity , Towards mental stability . Knowledge can come from books , But wisdom is an experience value that can only be obtained after personal experience .

This experience value is to experience in things , The world collides , Gain from dueling with your opponent .

In the gap left blank , It can make people capture the real pursuit in their heart , Very close to the heart , Very pure . It has nothing to do with the secular definition and the eyes of others .

Come and have tea .

Come and see the flowers .

Look at the sky in your spare time .

Study in leisure .

Come and read .

spare , The inner power awakens bit by bit .

Life is very busy , But don't forget to take a break .

Deep mountains should be hidden in the heart .

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