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Sunset glow - all taken by the original camera

2021-09-01 22:35:43 Photography

The evening is really beautiful , The sunset is beautiful , Warm and soft , There is also a slight wind in the air, which is also very comfortable

A touch of color

Like after dinner , Lying on a rattan chair watching the sun go down , That makes my life feel very comfortable

A yellowish sunset

Be free and at leisure , Lie down in a chair , Chew a date , Watch a sunset

Orange sunset

Have the habit of shooting sunrise and sunset , Unknowingly, the album is called “ Sunrise and sunset ” There are thousands of photos in the sub album , Recorded the sunset glow of different colors

Strong colors

Compared with sunrise , I prefer sunset , Because I can't get up in the morning / It's too hard

The red sunset one day last year

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